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Company news: Enzymotec, Nordic Naturals, MegaFood, Cyvex

Company news for the April 2011 issue of Functional Ingredients including: Enzymotec, Nordic Naturals, MegaFood, Cyvex Nutrition and EFSA news.

EFSA affirms chromium picolinate safety
The European Food Safety Authority has issued its safety assessment supporting the use of chromium picolinate in foods intended for the general population in the European Union. The authority concluded that chromium picolinate has a large margin of safety supporting its use as a source of chromium up to the maximum level established by the World Health Organization. EFSA's safety review was in response to Nutrition 21's application to market Chromax chromium picolinate in conventional foods in Europe. The ingredient is Nutrition 21's top-selling nutritional supplement ingredient in the United States.

CognisetinCognisetin earns patent notice
Cyvex Nutrition's branded cognitive health ingredient Cognisetin was issued a Notice of Allowance by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a key patent specific to methods of using flavonoids to enhance memory. The NOA indicates the application is genuinely novel. Cognisetin is a fisetin-based ingredient that has been shown to stimulate the signaling pathways that enhance long-term memory. The patent describes fisetin as a neuroprotector capable of generating neuron cells in the presence of damage, promoting antioxidant synthesis, and reducing overactive brain- and spinal cord-specific immune defenses that contribute to age-related decline.

MegaFoodManufacturer switches to green energy
Whole food supplements manufacturer MegaFood has joined the EarthSmart Green Rate program, created by Public Service of New Hampshire to support renewable energy resources in New England. MegaFood's sales and marketing office has chosen the 100 percent contribution level, which means that the utility will buy renewable energy certificates equal to 100 percent of the office's monthly energy use. MegaFood uses only organic and fresh locally grown foods for its supplements; its support of renewable energy is another step in this mission. 

Long-term resveratrol study launched
A five-year research project starting in June 2011 will investigate the long-term effects of resveratrol in humans. Aarhus University will lead the research using Fluxome Resveratrol as the active ingredient. The Danish Council for Strategic Research has granted DKK 19.5 mil (USD 3.4 mil) for the project. In the study, participants will consume Fluxome Resveratrol for 12 months. Analysis will focus on the effects of resveratrol on insulin sensitivity, inflammation, bone health and fatty liver disease. Fluxome, based in Denmark and with offices in Pennsylvania, is a global supplier of natural, nutritional ingredients.

OatWellEFSA approves oat beta-glucan health claim
A scientific panel of the European Food Safety Authority published a positive opinion on a disease risk reduction health claim dossier for oat beta-glucan, following an application from CreaNutrition AG. According to the positive opinion, foods providing 3g of oat beta-glucan per day can bear the health claim: "Oat beta-glucan has been shown to lower/reduce blood cholesterol. Blood cholesterol lowering may reduce the risk of heart disease." The health claim still needs to be approved by the EU Commission. Only approved health claims can be used in the marketing of foods throughout Europe.

Fish oil supplier adopts EU standards
Enzymotec has elected to voluntarily implement more rigorous EU safety standards related to fish oils. Those are in addition to the standard GMP and to other requirements for dietary supplements. The company's data sheets will now include levels of: trimethylamine (TMA) and total volatile nitrogen (TVN) as a standard procedure for both our pure and high-potency krill oil grades. Enzymotec is a producer and supplier of lipid-based products and solutions.Nordic Naturals Children's DHA

Omega-3 supps donation for kids
Nordic Naturals is the first company to donate fish oil products to Vitamin Angels' Thrive to Five program, which focuses on children under age five. Nordic Naturals' 2010 contribution provided nearly 3,000 children in the Dominican Republic with Children's DHA. The supplement provides a child-dosed source of omega-3s, which are essential for the function of the brain, eyes, heart and nervous system.

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