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Contract Manufacturing Trends for 2009

The American consumer is wide awake on health issues. Trends are changing as new research develops on nutrition. Manufacturers who recognize these trends for 2009 can offer consumers a highly valued product. An excellent product which delivers healthcare, backed by credible research, is a winning product. Other factors include ease of use, innovation, convenient and environment-friendly packaging, and credible brand image.

A countrywide survey conducted in 2008 by the American Dietetic Association shows that Americans adults are more savvy than ever about diet, nutrition and exercise. It is estimated that 92 percent of Americans are fairly knowledgeable about health issues and realize the need to eat healthy, drink healthy and exercise. This is a great boost for the nutraceutical industry.

How can nutraceutical manufacturers cash in on this growing consumer interest in 2009? Which nutraceuticals are most likely to make the buzz? What are the key health issues in 2009 and which products are most likely to take the lead? Let’s take a look.

2009: Nutrients Backed by Reliable Research
Advanced research in phytochemicals lends credibility to this industry. The following are some of the more recent research advances predicted for launch in 2009:

  • Lycopene and Lutein: This is a carotenoid found in tomatoes and is linked with prostate cancer protection. It is also being currently studied, along with lutein, for their role in eye health especially against macular degeneration and cataracts.
  • Vitamin K2. Research on Vitamin K2 has proven that it reduces calcification of the arteries. It also strengthens bone mass. It is also responsible for carrying calcium to the bones.
  • Fiber. New studies are underway on resistant starches and their role in cancer prevention.
  • Soy is already known for its role in heart disease and women’s health concerns. In 2009, it is predicted for a comeback with new discoveries in its role in protecting men against prostate cancer, baldness and other types of cancer.
  • Phosphotidylserine, a phospholipid, is supported by clinically backed research and is expected to become popular in 2009. This nutrient supports mental health by controlling cortisol hormones related to stress. It has also been studied and touted to improve cognitive abilities and help to reduce dementia among the elderly.
  • Ximenia oil extracted from ximenia, a yellow fruit with high content of Vitamin C, has potential as a lubricant and moisturizer.

2009: Health Products for Key Health Issues

Heart Health
Research on fiber and its role in regulating cholesterol continues to attract interest. Omega-3 fatty acids, plant sterols and stanols, green tea and antioxidants, resveratrol, and co-enzyme Q10 are other nutrients that support heart health and have shown steady consumer demand.

Joint and Bone Health
Soy, Vitamin K2, calcium and magnesium for bone health and glucosamine and MSM for joint health.

Immune Health
Antioxidants will continue to be popular for targeting infection. Natural, wholefood supplements consisting of green superfoods, probiotics and fiber are expected to be popular for targeting different cancers. For strengthening immune health, green tea, resveratrol and aloe vera are likely to be key nutrients.

Digestive health
Probiotics and prebiotics will become more popular in aiding digestive health. Fiber, aloe and other natural colon cleansers are also predicted to become more popular.

Mental Health including Stress Relievers and Sleep Aids
Phosphotidylserine, cocoa for mood and stress relievers, along with natural herbs for sleep enhancement are predicted to rise.

Weight Management/Satiety
Green Tea and fiber. New research on fiber suggests that resistant starches may help in weight management by accelerating body fat metabolism and reducing fat storage in the body.

Beauty Aids/Cosmetics/Body Building Health
Anti-aging products are always popular. New innovative, well-researched products will be popular while current nutrients will still be in heavy demand like vitamins A, C, and E, carotenoids, linolenic acids, antioxidant enzymes, taurine, anthocyanins, flavonoids, lycopene, and rosmarinic acid. Whey Protein is always popular targeting the bodybuilding industry.

Eye Health
Lycopene and Lutein health supplements, along with other known vitamins and nutrients for eye health.

Future Products
Other products likely to see success in 2009 are innovative health products for different age groups and genders, energy/health bars with pure cocoa which will provide healthy alternatives and competition to conventional chocolate bars.

Natural energy drinks are predicted for a big swing upwards. Fortified energy drinks will provide a refreshing alternative to sugary, aerated drinks. Energy drinks will also target the elderly who are looking for a more sophisticated energy drink that will specifically target their health needs. Other drinking trends are likely to be in the consumption of green tea as more ready-to-use, good-to-taste variations of green tea are made available.

Smoothie-based supplements will continue to be popular. Innovative products, which provide taste, as well as nutrition are expected to be very well received by consumers.

Pet Supplements. Pets will also get more nutritional attention in 2009. 17% of pet owners give pet supplements to their pets. According to the National Animal Supplement Council, pet supplements have risen by 15% since 2000. In 2009, it is expected that pet owners will look out for more nutritional supplements as well as supplements for more condition-specific disorders like joint and bone health.

Key Factors Driving the Industry in 2009
More Convenience
Convenience is definitely a driving factor and a consumer impetus. The trend for 2009 is leaning toward condition-specific nutraceuticals. The industry is already producing products for specific health issues such as heart health, brain health, or immune health. In 2009, condition-specific health will relate more to a combination of ingredients targeted towards multiple health needs. One health product for multiple health needs. This will relieve the consumer of taking multiple tablets, or drinks for his various health needs.

Organic and Natural Trends
Trends continue towards organic and natural wholefood products. Americans are now more concerned about the content in their foods—preservatives, additives, chemicals. It has set a growing trend for organic and natural products.

A Growing Educated Public
Education helps consumers be confident about their choice of health supplements. Brand names have helped to build trust and reliability over the years and consumers are more likely to depend on brand names for their health needs.

Manufacturers who are careful to educate the public about their product will have a cutting edge advantage.

Changing Technology
Conventional tablets and capsules have become outdated. Gels, liquids, gummies, chewables are more popular and such forms have more enhanced bioavailablity of active ingredients.

Effervescent technology has seen a steady rise over the last 5 years and 2009 will produce more variety of effervescent nutritional supplements. Consumers love the fizz and the added benefits of complete bioavailablity of active ingredients.

Support of the Medical Field
An interesting trend that is fast developing was reported by Ipsos-Public Affairs for the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), Washington, D.C. Their survey showed that “more than three-quarters of U.S. physicians (79%) and nurses (82%) recommend dietary supplements to their patients.”

All these trends give an added boost to nutraceutical manufacturing. The Health and Wellness industry has recorded an average growth of 8% to 9% each year, and is reportedly headed for even bigger gains in 2009. Changes for the better are being strongly supported by the newly elected President who, himself, is a health and fitness enthusiast.

About Nutricap Labs:
Nutricap Labs is a full service vitamin supplement manufacturing service. We primarily manufacture nutritional tablets, capsules, powders, liquids and creams, but we also offer label and packaging design services and order fulfillment services to our customers.

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