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the year in food and supplements

From controversial ingredients to category innovations: Top long reads of 2016

The following are five of the most-read stories on in 2016 that explore popular topics and issues in the natural products industry this year.

Meat—the unlikely climate hero?

In a world that touts the climate-friendliness of plant-based foods, The Savory Institute is propagating a different message: that it's changes to livestock production, actually, and holistic land management that hold the key to carbon sequestration.


5 food trends on the rise

New special diets, sustainability awareness and emerging nutrition research are shaping consumer behavior, product innovation and sales opportunities.


Did FDA just kill off the CBD market?

In February, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued warning letters to eight companies selling cannabis-derived CBD products, saying they were in violation of federal law because a pharmaceutical company had been issued Investigational New Drug authorization for a CBD-based drug, making it a drug ingredient, not a supplement ingredient. More recent moves by the FDA and DEA indicate that the future for CBD remains uncertain.


Supplement trendspotting

Inside these trusty bottles sitting on the shelf, there’s a quiet revolution going on. A seismic shift is happening in the supplements aisle, powered by significant recent innovation. Here’s a look at five to have on your radar.


Best new natural beauty trends of Natural Products Expo East 2016

Sales growth for health and beauty products surpassed that of both food and supplements in the natural channel last year, signalling that it just might be the next frontier for growth in natural. Brands are focused on reshaping consumer perception, formulating higher-performing products and supporting global missions and sustainability. 

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