CRN Welcomes Five New Voting Members to the Association

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the dietary supplement industry’s leading trade association, is pleased to announce the addition of the following five Voting Members to its roster: Alacer Corporation of Foot Hills Ranch, Calif.; Atrium Innovations Inc. of Quebec, Canada; Fluxome, Inc. of Parsippany, N.J.; FMC BioPolymer Corporation of Philadelphia, Pa.; and Solazyme Health Sciences of San Francisco, Calif.
For more than 35 years, Alacer Corporation has been an industry leader and innovator in developing, manufacturing and marketing dietary supplements. As a leading producer of Vitamin C products, Alacer produces and sells more that 400 million packets of Emergen-C® dietary supplements annually.

Atrium Innovations Inc. is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of science-based and professionally supported products for the health and nutrition industry. The company focuses primarily on growing segments of the health and nutrition markets which are benefiting from the trends towards healthy living and the ageing of the population.

Fluxome, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fluxome Sciences A/S and is a fast growing industrial biotechnology company established in 2002. Fluxome’s business activities are focused around innovation, development, production and marketing of nutraceuticals ingredients.
FMC BioPolymer Corporation is an ingredient supplier of seaweed based nutritional ingredients for the human and animal nutrition markets. The company is one of the largest producers of carrageenan, alginates and Avicel® MCC worldwide, and has headquarters in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Solazyme Health Sciences is a leading renewable oil and bioproducts company that uses algal biotechnology to renewably produce clean fuels, chemicals, foods and health science products. Solazyme's advanced and proprietary technology uses algae to produce oils and biomaterials in standard fermentation facilities quickly, cleanly, cost effectively, and at large scale.

For a complete list of CRN member companies, visit For information on membership in CRN, please contact Joyce Nyero, member services coordinator, CRN, at 202-204-7670 or [email protected].

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), founded in 1973, is a Washington, D.C.-based trade association representing dietary supplement manufacturers and ingredient suppliers. In addition to complying with a host of federal and state regulations governing dietary supplements in the areas of manufacturing, marketing, quality control and safety, our 70+ manufacturer and supplier members also agree to adhere to additional voluntary guidelines as well as CRN’s Code of Ethics. Visit

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