Dannon rebrands conventional Greek yogurt

The Dannon Company, Inc. announced the launch of Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt, which will join the already-popular Stonyfield Organic Oikos Greek yogurt on grocery store shelves.


The Dannon Company, Inc. announced the launch of Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt, which will join the already-popular Stonyfield Organic Oikos Greek yogurt on grocery store shelves1. Dannon Oikos Greek will replace the existing Dannon Greek brand, however, it will continue to be made with the same exclusive recipe and have the same delicious taste and thick, creamy texture consumer’s love.

“We’re excited to bring the Oikos brand to more stores nationwide and in more flavors than ever before.”

“Anyone who has tried and loves Dannon Greek can still find the same fresh taste and creamy-thick consistency in Dannon Oikos, and we just confirmed in a national taste test of non-fat berry flavor Greek yogurt that our Dannon Oikos is preferred on taste to the leading brand by a margin of two to one,” said Michael Neuwirth2, Senior Director of Public Relations for The Dannon Company. “We’re excited to bring the Oikos brand to more stores nationwide and in more flavors than ever before.”

To highlight the superior taste, actor John Stamos is starring in a new advertising campaign for Dannon Oikos that begins airing on August 8, which rightfully compares Dannon Oikos to the world’s best-tasting delights, including Champagne and Swiss chocolate. “I am a proud Greek and a proud yogurt eater. And when the call from Dannon came in and after I tasted Dannon Oikos, I couldn't say no,” said Stamos. In the commercial Stamos brings Dannon Oikos to a party of stylish taste makers, much to the surprise of the host of the party, but the party’s host is immediately convinced of the superior taste of Dannon Oikos once she tries it.

Available since 2007, Organic Oikos will continue to be sold by Stonyfield using its own certified organic recipe. Together, Dannon Oikos and Stonyfield Organic Oikos offer consumers a broad range of tasty, authentic Greek yogurt options in both non-organic and organic varieties.

Oikos is made with a traditional Greek straining process that not only provides exceptional taste but also creates a creamy-thick consistency unique from other types of yogurt. Oikos is an excellent source of protein, with twice the amount of regular low-fat yogurts3. Plus, with 0% fat, active yogurt cultures, and just 80 to 130 calories depending on the flavors, Oikos is a delicious and nutritious snack.

Dannon Oikos 0% fat Greek Yogurt is now available nationwide in several delicious flavors—strawberry, blueberry, honey, vanilla, and plain, peach and black cherry, and a few more indulgent, blended flavors of strawberry, key lime, and raspberry. Plain and vanilla varieties are now also available in new 32 ounce containers. To learn more about Dannon Oikos and Stonyfield Organic Oikos, visit www.OikosYogurt.com.

Stonyfield Organic Oikos is available nationwide in 10 satisfying 0% fat flavors - honey fig, peach mango, super fruits (pomegranate, raspberry, acai), vanilla, blueberry, strawberry, honey, plain and indulgent chocolate and caramel flavors. Vanilla and honey are available in 16 oz. containers, and plain is available in 16 ounce and 32 ounce containers.

About The Dannon Company, Inc.

The Dannon Company is America's founding national yogurt company and continually leverages its expertise to develop and market innovative cultured fresh dairy products in the United States. Headquartered in White Plains, NY, Dannon has plants in Minster, OH, Fort Worth, TX, and West Jordan, UT and produces approximately 100 different types of flavors, styles and sizes of cultured fresh dairy products. Dannon is a subsidiary of Danone, one of the world's leading producers of packaged foods and beverages, and Dannon is the top-selling brand of yogurt products worldwide, sold under the names Dannon and Danone.

With a strong commitment to high-quality, a wholesome, nutritious and innovative product, Dannon is committed to encouraging people to eat a balanced diet and live a healthy lifestyle. In 2010, for the tenth year in a row, Danone was listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, a worldwide reference for socially responsible businesses. Danone is a recognized leader for its contributions to nutrition and health and was ranked best in class in a 2008 JPMorgan & Insight Investment study about the response of the world's largest food companies to obesity and health-related concerns. This commitment is also illustrated through The Dannon Company's support of the Dannon Institute, an independent, non-profit foundation dedicated to promoting research, education and communication about the links between nutrition, diet and health. For more information, please visit www.dannon.com.

1 ® Oikos is a registered trademark of Stonyfield Farm, Inc. used under license by The Dannon Company, Inc.

2 Dannon Oikos blueberry and strawberry non-fat yogurts were preferred on taste to Chobani’s blueberry and strawberry non-fat yogurts in a national paired taste test.

3Oikos Greek Nonfat yogurt: 12-14g Protein (24%DV), Regular lowfat yogurt: 5g protein (10%DV) per 5.3oz.


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