Denomega Nutritional Oils Announces Omega Farms New OMEGA-3 Orange Juice

(Boulder, CO January 26, 2007) Denomega Nutritional Oils, the leading provider of taste and odor free Omega-3 solutions, announced today that Omega Farms is launching an Orange Juice that contains Denomega’s taste and odor-free Omega-3 oil.

Omega Farms currently produces milk, cheese and yogurt with Omega-3. The new Orange Juice with EPA and DHA Omega-3 is using a technology tailor made for use in fruit juices. The technology solution that protects the Omega-3 oil is all natural with purely vegetarian ingredients. Like all the other Omega Farms products, the juice will contain 75 mg of the essential nutrients EPA and DHA Omega-3.

“This is the natural product extension of our Omega Farms brand of healthy dairy products with Omega-3’s for the health conscious family. We are thrilled that Denomega can deliver an Omega-3 product that adds the health benefits of EPA and DHA Omega-3, without compromising the great taste of Omega Farms’ delicious and nutritious products,” said Cindy DiFerdinand, Omega Farms corporate nutritionist.

“Omega Farms is the first company in the world to add our healthy Omega-3 to fat free yogurts and now they are an early adoptor in the Omega-3 juice category. We are excited to work with such an innovative and leading company,” said Jan Haakonsen, Denomega Nutritional Oils’ vice president of sales and marketing.

EPA and DHA omega-3 are long chain omega-3 fatty acids and are commonly referred to as “good fats”. They are essential nutrients and support a healthy life style. Although they have a solid and growing scientific and medical following, most Americans have a very deficient intake of these “good fats”. Denomega Nutritional Oils provides food manufacturers a taste and odor free Omega-3 oil that can be added to foods to help consumers increase their intake of these essential fatty acids.

The taste and odor free Denomega products are marketed both as food ingredients and as food supplements. Denomega is found in about 50 regular food products around the world. This number is expected to grow to over a hundred products by the end of 2007 such that a growing number of consumers can obtain the EPA and DHA Omega-3 health benefits through their regular diets.

Omega Farms is the first full line of dairy products with all natural Omega-3’s, the fatty acids vital to good health and well being. For more information about Omega Farms, visit

Denomega Nutritional Oils is a leading player in Omega-3 products and has several production facilities in Norway. The company is part of Borregaard Ingredients, which has global niche positions within vanillin products, yeast and yeast extracts and Omega-3 products. Borregaard is an international company with strong positions within specialty products based on natural raw materials as well as niches within fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry. Borregaard expects revenues in 2007 of approximately USD 750 million. Visit us at for more information.

Contact persons:
Dag Arthur Aasbø +47 918 34 108, Head of Corporate communications, Borregaard
Jan Haakonsen (+1) 303 581 9002, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Denomega Nutritional Oils

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