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Dr. Zakir Ramazanov, President of National Bioscience and Beloved Husband and Father, Died Suddenly in November

Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain -- January 26, 2007

Dr. Zakir Ramazanov, president and owner of National Bioscience Corp. died suddenly last November 30. Dr. Ramazanov was well-known and respected worldwide, especially for his natural product research and development accomplishments.

Dr. Ramazanov applied innovative technology to the extraction of lycopene, beta-carotene and lutein from tomatoes and algae; the extraction and standardization of antioxidants from fruits and vegetables; the intensive biotechnological cultivation of Spirulina and marine plants in Africa; and the extraction of health promoting marine natural products. He introduced Siberian Rhodiola rosea to the North American marketplace, supporting this valuable dietary supplement with his characteristically strong scientific documentation and publications.

Dr. Ramazamov's company, National Bioscience Corporation, has been acquired by its sister company, Polifenoles Naturales (Polinat S.A., Gran Canarias, Spain). For more than 10 years, Polinat has been the scale up, commercialization, and manufacturing engine for most of Dr. Ramazanov's innovations, notably his extensive range of fruit, botanical and marine ingredients.


Dr. Zakir Ramazanov was born in the former Soviet Union. In 1978, he received his undergraduate degree from Caucasian State University with a double major in biochemistry and plant physiology. He graduated at the top of his class with a special golden diploma. Later that year, he enlisted in the Soviet Army and served a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He first learned of rhodiola rosea from a fellow soldier, whose mother sent him packets of the powdered herb to improve stamina.

Upon his return to civilian life, Dr. Zakir Ramazanov served as Head Engineer at the Institute of Solar Energy of the Soviet Union. There, he designed and constructed:

Solar batteries and solar energy stations for potential use on orbiting space stations and in deserts.

Solar bioreactors for the cultivation of dunaliella, chlorella, spirulina, and other algae

Dr. Ramazanov became Senior Scientist and Chief of the Department of Biotechnology of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. He was also Deputy Chairman of Biotechnological Programs for the Development of Aquatic Biotechnology for Medicine and Food in East European and Asian Countries. During this period, he developed new methods of cultivating algae for human consumption.

Dr Ramazanov left the Soviet Union in 1989, and worked with Professor Goran Samuelsson at the University of Umea in Sweden. He researched the intracellular mechanisms of carbon dioxide assimilation by aquatic plants and the biochemistry of cell adaptation to low and high carbon dioxide stress. In 1990, Dr. Ramazanov became Research Professor of Plant Biochemistry at the Universidad de Cordoba in Spain. In 1991, Dr. Ramazanov worked as a research fellow with Professor James Moroney at Louisiana State University Baton Rouge.

In late 1991, Dr. Ramazanov joined the Canary Islands-based Institute of Technology and Marine Sciences, becoming the Institute's Director of Science. During the next four years, he developed eight plant-based dietary ingredients and authored two books.

Dr. Ramazanov received grants from:

The Swedish National Science Foundation, the Swedish Institute of Natural Science, and the Swedish Royal Academy of Science, Umea University (1989)

Ministerio de Educacion y Ciencia, Universidad de Cordoba (1990)

SAREC, Sweden (scientific collaboration between Swedish and African Countries), University of Dar Es-Salaam, Marine Science Institute of Zanzibar, Republic of Tanzania (1991)

Universidad de Autonoma de Madrid, Spain (1993)

Universidad Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain (1993)

United States USAID for Development of Biotechnology Project in Central Africa (1993)
National Science Foundation (USA), Louisiana State University (1994)

Dr. Ramazanov:
is the inventor of five science and technology patents

has presented more than 40 papers to science meetings

has published over 140 articles.

has authored several popular books on natural products and was an essential contributor to the recent publication of: The Rhodiola Revolution: Transform Your Health with the Herbal Breakthrough of the 21st Century (Hardcover) by Richard P. Brown, Patricia L. Gerbarg, Barbara Graham.

Dr. Ramazanov is survived by his wife Svetlana, their son Arthur and their daughter Larissa.

With heartfelt sympathy,

Dr. Miguel Jimenez
president of Polifenoles Naturales ("POLINAT")

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