DSEA Board Elects Officers for 2007

Sarasota, FL (January 24, 2007) -- The Dietary Supplement Education Alliance (DSEA), a not-for-profit partnership of scientific, educational and industry groups, announced today the election of officers for 2007.

The officers are:

DSEA President: Jon Benninger, business development director, Virgo Publishing;
DSEA Vice President: David Morrison, vice president scientific and regulatory affairs, The Vitamin Shoppe;
DSEA Secretary/Treasurer: Michael McGuffin, president, American Herbal Products Association.
Led by this executive team, DSEA is launching ambitious programs in 2007 to continue educating consumers, media, legislators and health care professionals on the responsible use of dietary supplements. Wide-ranging strategies have been prepared for each of these groups to ensure another successful year in communicating the benefits of dietary supplements.

This year DSEA will attempt to launch a paid media campaign, based on obtaining the necessary funding. The new campaign is designed to encourage consumers to have confidence in dietary supplements. More information on this proposed campaign will be presented by Elliott Balbert at Focus on the Future on February 1.

DSEA will be aggressively reaching out to Congress, beginning with a presentation to the bipartisan and bicameral Dietary Supplement Caucus which will focus on the ability of dietary supplements to save money for the government.

The DSEA Health Impact Study I and II completed in 2004 and 2005 by The Lewin Group have been very well-received by the media and legislators. In 2007, DSEA plans to update the assessment of the dollars that could be saved through appropriate use of dietary supplements.

DSEA will continue to distribute the very popular “Field Guide to Herbs,” designed to provide clear, concise information on the responsible use of herbs. It will be distributed as print copies as well as on the web.

DSEA is broadening the successful 2006 Media Monitoring program in 2007 to continue to provide critical information on how the media are portraying dietary supplements. This includes an assessment of the quality and tone of coverage. DSEA will also continue our monthly email to journalists containing key research articles illustrating the benefits of dietary supplements.

In addition, DSEA will be contracting with a well-established, objective firm to provide a meaningful assessment of the safety of dietary supplements. The results of this study will be provided to consumers, media and legislators.

DSEA, a unique coalition of scientific, educational and industry leaders, educates consumers, the media, and policymakers on the benefits of dietary supplements for optimizing health.Its membership includes dietary supplement ingredient suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, publishers, consultants and trade associations.

Since its inception five years ago, DSEA has increased public awareness of the benefits of dietary supplements. Two major DSEA-funded studies completed by The Lewin Group have indicated dramatic cost savings potential of selected dietary supplements and have been featured in a congressional hearing, a National Press Club press conference and a Capitol Hill briefing. The organization’s efforts have resulted in positive coverage on more than 130 television news programs and more than 2,500 articles in newspapers and magazines. DSEA also publishes a monthly email newsletter that goes out to more than 2,000 health-oriented journalists.

In addition to media outreach, DSEA supports a web site, www.supplementinfo.org, which has become a well-known resource for objective information about dietary supplements. More than 25,000 visitors, including media, consumers and health professionals, access the web site each month. DSEA also regularly provides federal legislators with information about dietary supplements.

The other DSEA board members are Elliott Balbert, president and CEO of Natrol Inc., Fred Linder, president of New Hope Natural Media, Jim Flaherty, senior vice president of marketing and advertising for NBTY, David Seckman, executive director and CEO of the National Products Association, John Venardos, VP, worldwide regulatory affairs and government affairs for Herbalife, Bob Whitelaw, director of sales, marketing and business development at Capsugel, and Anne Wilkie, director of regulatory affairs and quality assurance for the Canadian Health Food Association,

For information about joining DSEA, contact Deb Knowles at (941) 349-9044 or e-mail her at [email protected].

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