and Nourish America Help Children Green Their Birthday Parties and Share the Joy of Philanthropy

(OJAI, CA) Nourish America has partnered with, an online children’s party
planning website, to directly reach children and encourage the act of giving to help those in
need. In early 2008, Nourish America launched its “Strengthening Our Next Generation”
campaign to ensure that America’s future is strong, vital and positive. In its efforts to continue to
improve the lives of children throughout the country, Nourish America is expanding through its
involvement with to make a difference in fighting hunger in America.

Launched in February 2008, aims to make a child’s birthday more meaningful by
incorporating philanthropy and environmental consciousness into the birthday party. This online
service will help plan the party, send out invitations electronically, and guests will be asked to
make a small donation (between $10-$30) in lieu of bringing a present to the event. From the
pool of donations from the guests, half of the money will be donated to the charity that the child
chooses from’s list. The other half will go towards one special gift for the
birthday child, and the host will receive a tax receipt for the portion donated to charity.

Nourish America is thrilled and honored to be chosen by as one of the four
American charities from which a child will select and provide a donation. “We chose Nourish
America as one of the charities because this organization demonstrated a
hands-on approach to improving the lives of children,” explained co-founder
Alison Smith, “It’s national influence was appealing as our program is without borders and
Nourish America has great appeal to a vast audience.”

Other participating charities include EarthCorps, International Child Art Foundation and Girls
Inc, and in Canada, Evergreen, Camp Oochigeas and Second Harvest, with more planned.
The main benefits of include bringing convenience, education,
environmentalism, and philanthropy to a child’s birthday party. Parents no longer have to deal
with wrapping or returning multiple presents, or fighting through lines at shopping malls. Young
children will learn the value of charity as well as the importance of saving paper and limiting
consumption while celebrating the occasion of becoming one year older… and truly wiser.

“Our dream is that parties will help members of our youngest generation
recognize that they can make meaningful choices that have a positive impact on others,”
explained co-founder Debbie Zinman. " is convenience and
conscience wrapped up in a big green ribbon!" says Ms. Smith.

As continues to expand, Nourish America aims to reach more children and
encourage donations to improve the health of children in need across the country. “We are
confident that Nourish America will play an important roll with as children will
easily be able to see that Nourish America helps poor children have happier, more successful
lives,” says Michael Morton, Nourish America’s Executive Director.

About Nourish America
Nourish America™ is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization committed to improving the health of
those in need in America through vitamin supplementation, nourishing foods (including naturals
and organics) and health education. Since 1999, Nourish America has provided nutritional aid to
hundreds of thousands of children, prenatal mothers, teens, senior citizens, veterans, and
natural disaster victims in 40 states. Nourish America has received the highest rating two years
in a row from Charity Navigator, the nation’s leading charity watchdog organization, ranking it in
the top 14% of 5,000 of America’s best-known charities for fiscal management. Independent
audits of Nourish America’s finances show that 94% of all donations go directly to programs and
those served.

About was founded and created by two mothers – Alison Smith and Debbie Zinman --
who believe that children can improve the world, one birthday at a time. Based in Toronto,
Canada, is an innovative online party planning website that provides a unique
opportunity for children and parents to support those in need, help protect the environment and
inspire others to follow in their footsteps while also helping save precious time and money. For
more information about, go to

# # #

Mary Morton
Nourish America™
Tel.: (805) 715-2693 or (805) 794-3388 cell
[email protected]

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