From the Editor: What's in a name?

From the Editor: What's in a name?

Todd Runsetad, Editor-in-Chief of Functional Ingredients, talks about Engredea's dedication to promoting ingredient supply and healthy-product manufacturing communities.

What's in a name?

We’ve been coming up with some new names around the office lately. One is twisteria, meaning tweet hysteria. Examples: the Japan earthquake/tsunami, or when Justin Bieber gets a haircut.

Another is trinagagity. This is a mash-up of some of the biz-hip words of the current zeitgeist: traceability, sustainability, transparency, innovation, engagement, integrity, authenticity, advocacy.

I’ve got another: Engredea. With the root of the word bound in ingredients, Engredea is the new umbrella term defining all we do here at New Hope Natural Media to help build out the ingredient supply and healthy-product manufacturing communities.

Engredea is all about ingredients, innovation and ideas. It embodies integrity and compliance. It’s a community of deal makers, game changers and rainmakers. Our goal is to help you create next-generation products that boldly advance your brands, your companies and our industry.

We are here to help manufacturers solve business challenges, generate new leads, build relationships and connect with the supply-chain community.

Engredea is the new name of the supply hall at Natural Products Expo West, the blow-out trade show of all trade shows that brings together the entire value chain of natural products players from around the world every March in Southern California.

It’s also how we’re redefining many of our media products. The Ingredient Intelligence Monograph—now the Engredea Monographs—is a series of concise reports on specific classes of ingredients.

We also have a passel of e-newsletters to illuminate your in-box. There’s theFunctional Ingredients e-newsletter, which releases web exclusives and sneak peeks twice a month. There’s NPI Daily, which provides daily reports on industry movers and shakers. There’s NPI Watch—innovation in your in-box once a week, chock-full of multimedia reports, blogs and other provocative notions to turn on the light bulb above your head. And there’s NPI Asia—all things Pacific Rim. We also have an Engredea LinkedIn page, where you can engage in all manner of conversations with your colleagues.

Look for these at At the top of the web page, click on the Engredea logo and you’ll be taken to the virtual world of your world.

Yours truly,

Todd Runestad


[email protected]


P.S.  We hope you found useful the September condition-specific ingredients guide. Turn to page 49 to see an updated list of companies.

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