elete Athletes Gavin and Shelley Phillips Conquer Marathon des Sables

Husband- and wife- team raise more than $12,000 for Facing Africa

OGDEN, UTAH (May 12, 2008)—Ultra-distance desert racers Gavin and Shelley Phillips, the husband- and wife- team sponsored by elete Electrolyte Add-In, the liquid, electrolyte concentrate that makes pure electrolyte water that still tastes like water, have completed the grueling 23rd Marathon des Sables, a seven-day, 150-mile, water-rationed footrace across the Sahara Desert in Morocco. In conjunction with completing the footrace, the Phillipses have raised more than $12,000 for Facing Africa.

Gavin and Shelley, who crossed the finish line holding hands, finished the race healthy, happy, and hydrated thanks to elete, which both Gavin and Shelley used religiously in their rationed drinking water each day and credit with their success in finishing the race.

“The Marathon des Sable was an incredible experience for both Gavin and I. Those last few metres to the finish line I could feel my feet lifting so high I must be trotting! This time of physical, mental and spiritual struggle for me has paid off so beautifully. What remains is the clean, bright, shining awareness that we have both done something so amazing!”

During the punishing race both Gavin and Shelley relied on elete Electrolyte Add In and Tablytes, a tableted, balanced electrolyte-replacement supplement. Both credit elete and Tablytes for staying hydrated while also providing fuel and stamina during the blistering hot, long race.

“We were drinking approximately 11 litres of elete water per day to stay hydrated in what was some days 50+ degrees Celsius [note: 122 degrees Fahrenheit] heat across the salt flats!” said Shelley Phillips.

"Photographic image captured and provided
by Mark Gillett

“We really noticed that compared to many other competitors we were not bothered by the extreme heat at all. By keeping our water and electrolyte levels up, we were able to avoid the severe dehydration which ended many other racers dreams early.”

Shelley Phillips added, “Indeed, one young friend was struck so badly she had to be air lifted off the course and fed six saline drips! Dehydration out there is not just thirst, but a life threatening condition.”

“We are so proud of these two amazing athletes and we congratulate them deeply first, for the strength, endurance, and sheer will they summoned while completing one of the world’s toughest and most punishing footraces—the Marathon des Sable—second, for their incredible ability to raise such a substantial amount of money, which will be used to achieve so much good in the world—helping to eradicate a dreadful and often deadly disease afflicting men, women, and young children in sub-Saharan countries,” said Val Anderson of elete.

Gavin and Shelley raised more than $12,000 for Facing Africa, an international charity dedicated to the prevention and cure of noma, a gangrenous infection that affects the mouth and face resulting in facial disfigurement and, in many cases, death. Facing Africa raises funds each year to send teams of skilled surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses to perform facial reconstructive surgery for the victims of noma. To learn more about Facing Africa, visit http://www.facingafrica.org/.

To read a complete elete athlete profile of Gavin and Shelley Phillips and their year-long preparation for Marathon des Sables at: http://www.eletewater.com/elpdf/elete_athletes/071128_gavin_shelley_phillips.pdf

Read about Gavin and Shelley Phillips’ exhilarating and arduous experience at the MDS by visiting their web site and blog at http://www.hurt2help.com/race_blogging.htm.

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