Enzymedica, Inc. Promotes Grass Roots Tour to Support Autism Awareness

Enzymedica, Inc., a manufacturer of indication-specific enzyme-based finished products today announced their support of the 2009 Autism Grass Roots Tour, an initiative intended to bring a message of hope to American families dealing with a diagnosis of autism.

The nationwide tour, which features Raun Kaufman, CEO of the Autism Treatment Center of America™, international speaker, writer and teacher, also brings Kristin Selby Gonzalez, the Director of Autism Education for Enzymedica and the mother of a son with autism.

The tour will crisscross the country over an eleven month period, reaching thousands of attendees, sharing how to begin after a diagnosis of autism, what to add to existing treatments, and how to stay inspired. Seminar topics will include educational, enzyme and play therapies, biomedical treatments, sensory integration, diet, living toxin-free and more.

The events are free and open to both family members and health professionals seeking autism education. Kicking off in February, 2009 in West Florida, additional venues are being added every day.

In addition to sponsoring the tour, Enzymedica will also be gifting 100 scholarships (each one for the full tuition of $2,200) for families to attend a Start-Up program at the Autism Treatment Center of America™. The Center is the home of the Son-Rise program, a unique treatment for children and adults challenged by autism and other developmental difficulties. Attendees of the Grass Roots Tour events will be given the opportunity to apply for these scholarships. The scholarship recipients will be chosen by the Autism Treatment Center of America™.

Tom Bohager, Enzymedica’s CEO and founder shares, “With autism being the fastest growing developmental disorder in the world, the message of hope is not going unnoticed. Enzymedica staff and representatives have already donated over twenty thousand dollars to allow families in need to receive the groundbreaking training at the Autism Treatment Center.”

This initiative is only part of Enzymedica’s commitment to the autism community. They are also the founders of the Autism Hope Alliance, a nonprofit foundation working to promote education and awareness about autism and other neurological difficulties.

Gonzalez is currently doing a Son-Rise program with her son, along with diet modification, enzymes and other therapies and has seen great progress. Attendees of the Tour will be given a chance to hear her story.

In early 2009, the Autism Grass Roots Tour will launch a website providing further information on the Tour project, registration for the events, as well as education and information on how to get involved with the initiative.

To learn more about Enzymedica and their philanthropic initiatives, visit www.enzymedica.com.

About Enzymedica, Inc.:
Florida-based Enzymedica, Inc., was founded in 1998 to offer consumers targeted enzyme products that address digestion issues, food allergies and intolerances, cardiovascular issues, immune function and inflammation. The exclusive Enzymedica Thera-blend™ process combines different strains of each major enzyme to work more broadly in the digestive tract and throughout the entire body. Enzymedica's products are made from only the highest quality plant and plant-based enzymes and are 100 percent vegan and vegetarian.

About The Autism Hope Alliance:
The Autism Hope Alliance is a nonprofit foundation working to promote education and awareness about autism and other neurological difficulties.

About The Autism Treatment Center of America:
The Autism Treatment Center of America is the worldwide teaching center for The Son-Rise Program, a powerful, effective and totally unique treatment for children and adults challenged by Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), Asperger's Syndrome, and other developmental difficulties. For more information, visit www.autismtreatment.org.

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