Enzymedica Launches Free Interactive Enzyme Deficiency Test

Enzymedica’s free nutritional profile helps consumers answer the question: “Which enzymes are right for you?”

Port Charlotte, Florida — December 14, 2009: Florida based enzyme manufacturer Enzymedica, Inc., is excited to announce the launch of a new and interactive enzyme deficiency test at the Enzymedica website, www.Enzymedica.com/TakeTheTest.

Enzymes are made by our bodies and can be found in fresh wholesome foods and supplements. Enzymes play a vital role in digestion, our immune systems, our energy levels, and the aging process. Unfortunately, poor diet and lifestyle choices can lead to deficiency and enzyme imbalance. The most well-known symptoms of enzyme deficiency are indigestion and gas, although there are a host of other health challenges in which enzymes play a role.

Reduced enzyme production can manifest as a variety of conditions so it is often hard to pinpoint the root of imbalance. Enzymedica’s new survey is a nutrition and enzyme profile intended to provide users a guidepost as they navigate the enzyme supplement category. Enzymedica’s Director of Education, Dave Barton, describes the test: “Participants complete a series of interactive questions and are rewarded with a customized nutrition profile and reading list. Previously unavailable in the industry, the test is a free service which complements Enzymedica’s commitment to education and the benefits of enzyme therapy.”

“We believe education is the key,” shares Maday Labrador, Enzymedica’s Director of Scientific Affairs. “In addition to the new interactive test we also offer retailers the online Enzymedica Learning Center, a user-friendly interactive website designed to teach both product specification and cutting edge scholarly information about enzyme therapy.” Barton asserts that customers regularly approach the company with the question, “How is it possible that I feel digestive distress and suffer imbalance even though I eat organic foods and am very careful with my diet?” Enzymedica’s free nutritional profile will help consumers answer the question: “Which enzymes are right for you?”

As enzyme education and awareness takes center stage in the natural products industry,
companies like Enzymedica are leading the way with therapeutic formulas and innovative
educational opportunities.

To learn more about Enzymedica, their awarding winning line of enzyme products, or to compete
your free profile, visit www.enzymedica.com.

About Enzymedica, Inc.:
Florida-based Enzymedica, Inc., was founded in 1998 to offer consumers targeted enzyme
products that address digestion issues, food allergies and intolerances, cardiovascular issues,
immune function and inflammation. The exclusive Enzymedica Thera-blend™ process combines
different strains of each major enzyme to work more broadly in the digestive tract and
throughout the entire body. Enzymedica's products are made from only the highest quality plant
and plant-based enzymes.

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