ESM Technologies Adds Expertise in Sales, Operations, and Marketing

ESM Technologies, the leading supplier of innovative, commercialized eggshell and eggshell membrane wellness ingredients, has three new additions to their company’s team.

Jim Maguire began working for ESM Technologies as a Sales Representative in July 2009. Jim has been a sales representative in the allied health industry his entire career. He brings twelve years of Pharmaceutical sales experience, including three years with Abbott Pharmaceuticals and nine years at 3M Pharmaceuticals. Afterwards Jim entered the Dietary Supplement Industry earning over sixteen years of selling experience. This experience is highlighted by five years with Natures Way working with the retail sales side of the industry and nine years with Wilke Resources as the Western Region Sales Manager developing products and markets for new and unique ingredients.

Tracy Watson joined ESM Technologies as Director of Operations in November 2009 bringing twenty years of Natural Products Industry experience with him. His seventeen years of executive management experience includes more than a decade with National Enzyme Company where, as Vice President, he directed multinational business and manufacturing operations at the enzyme based nutrition company. More recently, he performed those same tasks as Vice President at War Eagle Mill, a company producing organic grains and baking mixes for natural product retailers. His background also includes more than a decade of information systems and purchasing operations management. Additionally, Tracy has thirteen years experience as the corporate legal officer for three different corporations.

April Whiteley is the most recent addition to the ESM Technologies team joining in March 2010 as Marketing Coordinator. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business/Marketing from Oklahoma State University in 2002, she worked in marketing and product development for Blitz USA, Inc. April returned to Oklahoma State to pursue a Master’s Degree in Design, Housing and Merchandising graduating in 2007. April brings experience in marketing, product development, media design, and merchandising to ESM Technologies.

About ESM Technologies
ESM Technologies is the leading supplier of eggshell calcium and eggshell membrane wellness ingredients. Located in Carthage, Missouri, the company researches, develops and manufactures high-quality branded ingredients from a traceable and sustainable supply of USDA-inspected facilities. ESM’s chemical-free, patented process has allowed the introduction of innovative and unique ingredients to the marketplace: NEM® (Natural Eggshell Membrane) and ESC® (EggShell Calcium).

For more information on ESM Technologies, please visit or call 866.804.8034.

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