Natural Foods Merchandiser

Explanation And Apology

Recently an advertisement bypassed our standards process, and an ad that appeared to be editorial copy, but was not, ran in the August issue of The Natural Foods Merchandiser. New Hope Natural Media, the parent company of NFM, believes advertising impacts the quality and integrity of our magazines. Because of that, New Hope's standards department has a process to ensure that all advertising complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission regulations. This process includes reviewing substantiation for promotional claims.

The ad from Nature's Secret would have been rejected had the standards department reviewed it. It used comparative claims without meeting FTC requirements to document negative statements and make comparisons on objectively measurable attributes.

Additionally, the ad violated two New Hope standards. The copy was not clearly labeled as an ad. It also matched the type style and design of NFM's editorial copy, potentially misleading readers. We want to assure readers that NFM did not provide or endorse the copy that ran on the advertising insert.

NFM regrets any inconvenience to ReNew Life, Brenda Watson or any reader caused by the insert facing page 7. We want to assure all of our advertisers that we will take every measure to assure an advertisement does not bypass our review process again.

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXIV/number 9/p. 12

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