Federal/provincial funding for POS Pilot Plant boosts capability of Canada’s bioproducts industry

SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN - Canadian developers of biodiesel, natural health products, and other bioproducts can continue to access the globally unique R&D services of Saskatoon’s POS Pilot Plant Corporation, thanks to $3M in federal/provincial wedge funding. The funding is part of a multi-million dollar Agricultural Policy Framework funding package announced today by the Honourable Chuck Strahl, Minister of Agriculture and Food, and the Honourable Mark Wartman, Minister of Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food. The $3M for POS Pilot Plant will be used to assist with operational costs.

Industry advocate, Ag-West Bio President & CEO, Dr. Ashley O’Sullivan said, “Ag-West Bio was very pleased to see the $3 million commitment by the Government of Canada and Saskatchewan to the POS Pilot Plant. POS is a critical piece of the value added processing infrastructure for the development of the bio-economy in Canada. This funding ensures that POS is in a strong position for the next three years to continue to help Canadian companies bring new and improved products to market.”

Bob Morgan, POS President & CEO said, “We extend our sincere appreciation to AAFC and the Province of Saskatchewan. This funding enables POS Pilot Plant to continue providing innovative services to the Canadian bioproducts industry so that bioresources from Canada’s prairies, forests and oceans can be transformed into commercially successful products. The environment and health are of great concern today, so it’s critical that Canada retains its ability to apply innovative technologies in key areas such as biodiesel and wellness products.”

“This funding demonstrates the federal and provincial government’s commitment to Canada’s bioproducts industry,” stated Dennis Mulvihill, Managing Director, Corporate Finance RBC Capital Markets, and Chair of POS Pilot Plant’s Board of Directors. “POS is a globally-unique resource and this funding will ensure that Canadian companies have a competitive edge for developing commercially-successful bioproducts through access to POS’s superior R&D resources.”

POS Pilot Plant Corporation is a not-for-profit contract research and development facility specializing in process and product development, small scale specialty processing, and analytical services. It focuses on assisting organizations developing high-value components for industrial bioproducts, nutraceuticals, functional foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods and feeds, and ag biotech. It is celebrating its 30th year of operation.

For more information contact:

Robert E. Morgan, President & CEO
POS Pilot Plant Corporation
118 Veterinary Road
Saskatoon, SK
Canada S7N 2R4

Tel. (306) 978-2847
[email protected]

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