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Natural Foods Merchandiser

Foodservice and organic feed newest 4th Generation Organic Market and Cafe store

4th Generation Organic Market health food store
Retailer of the Year: New store finalist

As the only 100 percent organic grocer in Boca Raton, Florida, 4th Generation Organic Market and Café offers produce, grocery items, meat and seafood, prepared foods, supplements, personal care products and a catering service. The retail store opened in 2009, but company roots trace back to a produce shipping business formed in 1910. The store’s name, which represents the fourth generation of the shipping family, was inspired by a young member who worked in a juice bar and then brought her passion for healthy eating into the family business. The retail endeavor has been a great success, and in 2015, the company opened a second location that’s many times larger than the first store.

Here are few innovative ways 4th Generation Organic Market and Café is breaking the mold:

Only organic. From the milk case to pantry items to prepared foods to catered meals, every single offering from 4th Generation Organic Market and Café is organic.

Education first. The new location already offers monthly lectures, and the goal is to bump up to two events a month, says Richard Lewis, general manager. Additionally, 4th Generation has an on-staff health coach who hosts weekly store tours and an executive chef who lectures on raw and vegan eating.

Better foodservice. 4th Generation has a hot-food case that features 15 to 20 items every day, all of which are organic. “If we don’t have a certified-organic ingredient, we don’t make that dish,” Lewis says. “It’s hard to find organic meatless items, so we make our own. We have a big kitchen with enough room to create anything we want without having to compromise our standards.”

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