Fountain of Youth Technologies Says No to Andro

MILLERSPORT, OH – Responding to an impending ban of androstenedione (“andro”) by the United States Food and Drug Administration, Charles A. Mesko, founder and president of Fountain of Youth Technologies, Inc., has announced that his company’s product, Doctor’s Testosterone Gel®, is completely free of androstenedione, has never contained any form of “andro”, and, as a homeopathic product, may make direct therapeutic claims for sales and benefit promotion, unlike dietary supplements – an important distinction for concerned retailers.

In early March, the FDA sent a letter to 23 manufacturers of androstenedione products asserting that the companies failed to provide pre-market safety notification for a new dietary ingredient, which is required by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. This move reflects an action to effectively ban products containing androstenedione from sale. Simultaneously, Bush administration officials announced support for legislation that would classify androstenedione and related steroid-hormone precursors as controlled substances.

“There has been flagrantly false and misleading advertising campaigns targeted to young bodybuilders to lure them into using andro as ‘safe and natural steroids,’ without any regard to safety, and not addressing the serious problem of andro converting into the female hormone estrogen,” says Mesko. “At Fountain of Youth Technologies, we have long realized the potential dangers of androstenedione and we have refused to add andro in our products.”

To clear up any confusion, FOYT’s product, Doctor’s Testosterone Gel®, is completely free of androstenedione. This FDA-registered homeopathic formula is a topical gel featuring 12 homeopathic ingredients in three potencies each, delivered in billions of tiny time-released lecithin liposomes that uniquely mimic and reinforce the benefits of increased testosterone levels. FDA-registered indications include increased strength, muscular development and lean muscle gain. The product also includes botanicals known to fight aromatization, the excess production of estrogen frequently associated with increased testosterone production.

“The use of dietary supplement testosterone boosters will become a much-contested and confusing - issue among consumers.” Mesko states. “It is imperative now for retailers to understand that homeopathic remedies not containing any andro are completely safe for use, and offer health food store owners the bonus of showing their customers actual precise therapeutic indications as listed on the homeopathic labels..

Fountain of Youth Technologies has several patents pending on its homeopathic transdermal delivery technology, and focuses on herbal and homeopathic products that nourish and gently stimulate the body to achieve a renewed vitality and homeostasis.

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