Functional foods industry company news

UK approval for phytosterol
Procter & Gamble Co Food Ingredients has been granted a positive opinion by the UK Advisory Committee on Novel Food and Processes that Nutraphyl brand phytosterol products meet the criteria as being substantially equivalent to sterol products on the market today, and can therefore can be marketed within the European Union. Nutraphyl brand sterols can now be used in the manufacture of cholesterol-lowering yellow fat spreads, salad dressings, milk-type products, fermented milk-type products, soy drinks and spicy sauces.

Rice-bran supply agreement
NutraCea has entered into an organic rice-bran supply agreement with Texas Best Organics, which will enable NutraCea to produce stabilised organic rice bran. Under the terms of the agreement, Texas Best Organics will supply organic raw rice bran from its rice-milling operations to NutraCea. The raw rice bran will be processed through NutraCea's proprietary stabilization system to produce stabilized organic rice bran and other value-added products for both human and animal nutrition markets.

Albion secures patent
Albion Advanced Nutrition has been granted a patent entitled "Dimetalhydroxy Malates," US patent #6,706,904. This patent encompasses the composition of any dimetalhydroxy malates, as well as their method of production, and method of administration. It would cover any divalent metal that is nutritionally relevant, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese and iron. In line with this patent, Albion is producing two new items: DiCalcium Malate and DiMagnesium Malate.

GlucoTrim gets rebranded
GlucoTrim, Soft Gel Technologies and OptiPure Brand Chemco Industries' patented and clinically tested banaba leaf extract, has been rebranded as GlucoFit. GlucoFit is identical in composition and source to GlucoTrim; only the name has changed. The GlucoTrim trademark has been sold and is now held by another company. GlucoFit is a standardised extract of Banaba leaf (Lagerstroemia speciosa L.) containing one per cent corosolic acid and tannins including Lagerstromine. It has been demonstrated to support healthy blood-glucose levels.

H Reisman acquired by LycoRed
LycoRed has acquired the assets and business of H Reisman Corp, a major player in the US natural carotenoid market. H Reisman was a subsidiary of Pharmachem Laboratories Ltd. The addition of H Reisman Corp's natural carotenoid product range provides synergy and expands LycoRed's position in the market. H Reisman Corp has extensive experience in added-value carotenoid formulations and manufacturing, and provides LycoRed with a US manufacturing base.

Sabinsa opens office in Germany
Sabinsa Corp has opened a new office, Sabinsa Europe GmbH, in Langen, Germany. Lutz Weise, PhD, has been appointed resident director there, and Simone Rexin has been hired as business development manager. Weise has a doctorate in chemical engineering, as well as an MBA. Rexin is an experienced sales and marketing manager with extensive expertise in the cosmetic and food industries. Kavita Subramanian, senior manager of international business development at Sabinsa's headquarters in New Jersey, will continue to serve as the corporate liaison for the European division.

GMPs for sports launched
NSF International's Dietary Supplements Certification Program has introduced a new Good Manufacturing Practices for Sport programme to minimise the risk that sports nutrition products contain banned substances. The program supports NSF's New Athletic Banned Substances Certification Program. GMP for Sport is an independent registration that demonstrates a manufacturer's compliance with GMPs.

Appointment at J Rettenmaier
J Rettenmaier USA has appointed Wilhem Michel as senior account manager for the Midwest region. J Rettenmaier USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of J Rettenmaier & Sohn GmbH of Rosenberg, Germany, and is a leader in the manufacturing of dietary fibres. Previously, Michel held senior sales positions concentrating on the food service segment with several leading food ingredients manufacturers.

Functional ingredients lab
Reading Scientific Services Ltd has reorganised its analytical services to create a department specialising in functional ingredients. Headed by Melindee Hastie, the department will help companies to better exploit functional ingredients in everyday foods. It is equipped to analyse premium ingredients to assess their authenticity, and detect adulteration and substitution. It can also test products for the addition of sweeteners, colours and chemical contaminants.

Cerestar brand migration
Cargill's Cerestar businesses officially embraced Cargill branding effective last spring. The move brought to an end a four-year period of 'brand migration' that followed Cargill's acquisition of European starch manufacturer Cerestar in April 2002. The former Cerestar companies will no longer use the name 'Cerestar', but will instead come under the 'Cargill' banner.

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