Functional ingredients company news

Vitamin plant to close
BASF will close one of its vitamin-manufacturing sites in Wilmingon, North Carolina, on March 31. About 33 jobs will be lost. The plant supplies vitamin C and B products for dietary supplements. The company's FreshSeal polymer-based coatings for vegetables and fruit will be transferred to another plant.

Cranberry distribution agreement
Ocean Spray Ingredient Technology Group has signed a distribution deal worth $96 million with Boesch Boden Spies, a global fruit- and nut-ingredient agency. The pact strives to bring Ocean Spray's juices and fruits to southern and eastern Europe. Boesch Boden Spies will distribute BerryFusion Fruits, sweetened dried cranberries and 100 per cent fruit puree.

spirulinaSpirulina product earns GRAS
Parry Nutraceuticals' organic spirulina product has been certified GRAS by an independent panel of former senior FDA and EPA toxicologists. The GRAS status is valid for uses up to 20g per day. Potential applications include drinks, cereals, fruit juices, frozen dairy desserts, candies, milk products, grain products, pastas and snacks. The Indian-based company is part of the Murugappa Group.

Pacific Rainbow on the grow
Citing a significant increase in sales in the first half of this year, Pacific Rainbow International of California is doubling its warehouse and office space at its headquarters. The new office space will be used to add additional sales and customer service personnel. The company recently added an additional salesperson to its Greenville, Pennsylvania, office. Established in 1995, Pacific supplies a full line of raw materials to the nutraceutical industry, including USP-certified chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine Hcl and sulfate, co-Q10, red yeast rice, Celadrin joint flexibility and relief, Inositol, and vitamin B12.

Cholesstrinol formulas win award
SourceOne Global Partners' Cholesstrinol family of heart-healthy formulas has received the Frost and Sullivan Heart Health Supplements Product Innovation of the Year Award. This award recognizes outstanding achievement and superior performance in the heart-health supplement marketplace.

Fiber 2.0 brochureFibre brochure now available
An overview of fermentable soluble fibre that includes consumer perceptions on nutrition and emerging research about the fibre's health benefits has been published by National Starch Food Innovation in a brochure titled, 'Fiber 2.0: Invisible in Your Food, Easy on Your Digestive System.' The publication explains how fermentable fibre (prebiotic), such as Nutriose soluble fibre, has been shown to mitigate many digestive diseases and improve overall digestive health. Fibre classifications and definitions are also detailed, as well as information on resistant starches.

Lactic-acid website
In response to requests from consumers who have seen 'lactic acid' listed on ingredient panels, Purac has launched a new informational website at Lactic acid is a naturally occurring compound in fermented foods such as cheese, yoghurt, soy sauce, meats and pickled vegetables. It is also used in manufacturing as a preservative or acidity regulator.

Fruit pureé-maker buyout
Tree Top has completed an agreement to acquire Sabroso, headquartered in Medford, Oregon. Sabroso is the nation's largest processor and seller of single-strength and concentrated fruit pureés, and a leading provider of dried-fruit flakes and fruit preparations for the ingredient and food-service channels. It has manufacturing facilities in Medford and Woodburn, Oregon, and Oxnard, California.

GreenGrown glucosaminePatent to ID glucosamine source
Ethical Naturals of San Anselmo, California, has filed a patent that will provide assurance that its GreenGrown glucosamine comes from a vegetable source. The bulk of glucosamine on the market is derived from shellfish, but GreenGrown is derived entirely from plant sources, and is therefore safe for individuals who have shellfish allergies. Using standard analytical techniques, it is difficult to distinguish whether glucosamine of USP quality is derived from shellfish or vegetable sources, the company explains, which opens the door to potential abuse in labelling. Ethical Naturals' analytical process is based upon a system of genetic fingerprint analysis, and identifies unique characteristics in both shellfish- and vegetable-based glucosamines.

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