Functional ingredients industry chatter

Kevin CoupeWorse than its bite?
"The FTC is like a dog chasing a car or truck. It's not going to give up, but has no idea what it would do if it actually caught up."

— Kevin Coupe, grocery-retailing expert, when asked about the ruling reversal for the Whole Foods-Wild Oats merger

Waking advice
"I believe one has to talk about the dream, not the nightmare." [when talking about corporate sustainability strategies]

— Adam Werbach, global CEO, Saatchi and Saatchi S at the NBJ Summit

Corporate irresponsibility
"European?public understanding of, and concern for, obesity and related health issues seems to be more advanced. Therefore, there seems to be a greater willingness on the part of European companies to accept responsibility for improving the situation than from those in the US, where responsibility to act is seen as lying principally with the consumer."

— Rachel Crossley, director, investor responsibility, Insight Investment, JP Morgan

Education needed
"The average physician is relatively ignorant about nutrition unless he or she has taken a personal interest in the topic."

— James H O'Keefe, MD, in "Nutrition 101: physicians can no longer ignore the healing power of diet and nutritional supplements."
Expert Review of Cardiovascular Therapies 2008;6(5):593-6

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