Gaia Herbs Hires Dr. Keri Marshall as Medical Director

Gaia Herbs has recently hired Keri Marshall, MS, ND as the company’s new Medical Director. Dr. Marshall, who has been in private practice for the past eight years, has also served as an advisor to the natural products industry. She will be responsible for the continued integration of medical research, education, and botanical product development in the strategic efforts at Gaia Herbs.

Gaia Herbs is a certified organic grower and nationally-branded manufacturer of liquid herbal extracts based in Western North Carolina. The company cultivates 250 acres of medicinal herbs which, along with all operations at their 36,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, are organically certified each year by Oregon Tilth under USDA’s National Organic Program. Gaia Herbs’ line of all-natural herbal products is carried by independent health food retailers and co-ops, as well as national and regional natural products retail chains.

In her capacity as Medical Director, Dr. Marshall will guide corporate activity related to scientific affairs, medical industry relations, educational programs, product research and development, and health practitioner and retail channel marketing communications. Dr. Marshall will serve as a media resource for publishers and other news organizations seeking perspectives on utilizing high quality botanical products in the health and wellness arena.

More About Dr. Keri Marshall
Dr. Keri Marshall is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in pediatrics, women's medicine and chronic disease management. She has published several scientific papers, magazine articles, has written a book on proteins and amino acids, appears regularly on nationally syndicated radio shows, and has appeared on ABC’s “A View from the Bay” and the “Healing Quest” program seen on public television. Dr. Marshall has served as a scientific adviser to Citizens for Health, a clinical advisor to Nordic Naturals, a nutrition advisor to the United States Sugar Association, and as a nutrition expert in her local public school district. Dr. Marshall received her Naturopathic Medical degree from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR, her Masters in Epidemiology from SUNY at Buffalo, and her BS from the George Washington University. She maintains a small private practice in Bethesda, MD.

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