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Ganeden partners to launch more than 60 new product SKUs at Natural Products Expo West

Ganeden partners to launch more than 60 new product SKUs at Natural Products Expo West
Launches of products fortified with Ganeden's patented probiotic strain-GanedenBC30 at Expo West more than double over last year.

Probiotic product launches continue to increase immensely in popularity, a trend that attendees of Natural Products Expo West and Engredea will see in full force. Ganeden is at the forefront of probiotic research and product development, and the science-based company has partnered with more than 20 top food and beverage companies to announce over 60 new product SKUs at the show—each fortified with Ganeden's patented probiotic strain-GanedenBC30. The number is more than double the amount of launches at last year's show. 

GanedenBC30 is known as game changing probiotic strain supported by more than 20 peer-reviewed, published clinical studies and has been shown to survive 10x more effectively than yogurt cultures. Certified kosher, halal, non-GMO, gluten free, soy free and dairy free, the probiotic is allowing manufacturers to provide consumers with products that were never available before: everyday foods and beverages, including organic and vegan, containing a safe and effective probiotic. Consumer demand has shown the combination products to be immensely successful—products containing GanedenBC30 exceeded $1 billion in sales at retail in 2015—a number that is continuing to grow as the probiotic trend gains even more momentum and additional products are released.

"Consumers are always looking for more convenient, lifestyle friendly ways to get daily nutrients. They're also becoming far more aware of what's on nutrition labels and are seeking health benefits in products they consume daily," said Mike Bush, senior vice president of Ganeden and executive board president for the International Probiotics Association. "Adding GanedenBC30 to foods and beverages allows our partners to provide their customers with both convenience and confidence that they are consuming better-for-you products with the probiotic benefits they want. The sheer volume of launches at the show speaks to the value that GanedenBC30 is bringing."

A recent survey found that more than 70 percent of respondents would prefer to consume probiotics in a food or beverage product rather than in a supplement, and 40-54 percent were willing to pay more for products with probiotics in them-resulting in a notable increase in probiotic fortified food and beverage launches. Products containing GanedenBC30 launching at Expo West cross a variety of categories, including:


  1. Forager Project: Cashew Smoothies
    • Cashew milk-based probiotic smoothies available in Banana Date and Strawberry Banana.
  2. Garden of Flavor: Cold-Pressed Energy Drinks
    • Healthy, effective and organic HPP beverage powered by 100mg of caffeine sourced from Guayusa leaves, cold-pressed juice and living probiotic cultures.
  3. Harvest Soul: Organic Probiotic Juices
    • Available in four 12 oz. blends of fruit and vegetables combined with GanedenBC30.
  4. JÙS By Julie: Probiotic Cold Brew Coffee
    • Industry-first cold brew coffee infused with the 1 billion CFU of vegan GanedenBC30 probiotics.
  5. Nomva Snack: HPP Fruit and Veggie Pouches
    • Organic, blended snack pouches made only with whole fruit and vegetables, plus billions of probiotics.
  6. Nutrisystem: Turboshakes
    • The company's first ever line of shakes with probiotics that is part of the all-new Turbo10 program for diet season 2016.
  7. Project Juice: Tummy Tonic Shot
    • Powerful 2 oz. shots designed to cover a wide spectrum of wellness needs, including digestive.
  8. Suja: Pressed Probiotic Waters
    • First-ever enhanced water made with organic fruits, vegetables and vegan probiotics.
  9. Urban Remedy: Cold-Pressed Juices
    • Cold-pressed, organic juices with GanedenBC30 in healing blends that are naturally sweet and low-glycemic.
  10. TruVibe: Eat Clean Organic Meals
    • Four new flavors of cold-pressured, organic meal replacement drinks with 19g of plant protein and probiotics.


  1. Brad's Raw Foods: Brad's Broccoli Poppers
    • Made from dehydrated whole broccoli florets that deliver Vitamin C and probiotics in two new flavor options.
  2. Brad's Raw Foods: Brad's Crunchy Kale
    • Two new flavors of dehydrated, crunchy, organic kale chips now available with probiotics.
  3. Brad's Raw Foods: Brad's Seaweed Kale-Chi
    • Dehydrated and made with kimchi, kale and seaweed, available with GanedenBC30 probiotics in two flavors.
  4. Naturally More: Nut Butters with Probiotics
    • High-quality almond, peanut and chocolate hazelnut butters with added probiotics and flaxseed for more essential nutrients.
  5. NuGo Nutrition: NuGO FREE Dark Chocolate Crunch and Trail Mix Bars
    • Gluten-free, vegan bars, made with delicious real dark chocolate, featuring rice protein and GanedenBC30 probiotics.
  6. The Probiotic Cheese Company: Probiotic Cheddar Cheese Bites
    • A natural, sugar-free, zero carbohydrate, high-protein cheese snack with probiotics.
  7. purely elizabeth: Ancient Grain Granola
    • Gluten-free snack made of ancient grains, oats and seeds mixed with organic coconut oil, organic coconut sugar and probiotics.

Powders & Mix-ins

  1. Baxco: Sinfree Sugar Probiotic Pouch
    • Proprietary blend of naturally occurring sugars with zero calories and added health benefits of GanedenBC30.
  2. Baxco: Sinfree Sugar Probiotic Pre-Mix Cans
    • Gluten-free drink mixes with no trans fats, cholesterol or hydrogenated oils, and available in hot cocoa, mocha cappuccino and spiced chai.
  3. Beveri: Whey Protein Powder
    • Made exclusively of Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) that is lactose- and fat-free with probiotics to support protein utilization.
  4. Sugar 2.0: Probiotic Sugar
    • A 1:1 replacement to traditional sugar made with non-GMO real cane sugar and probiotics.
  5. TRUProteins: NutraWhey Grass Fed Whey Protein
    • GMO-, hormone- and antibiotic-free imported Australian WPC with a digestive enzyme blend and GanedenBC30.

Children's Products

  1. Little Duck Organics: HPP Puree
    • New HPP puree available in six fruit and vegetable flavors, with the health benefits of GanedenBC30 probiotics.
  2. Little Duck Organics: Tiny Yogurts
    • Three flavors of freeze dried fruit and yogurt treats with the antioxidant power of superfruits, B-vitamins, iron and GanedenBC30.

Companion Animal

  1. Darford: Grain Free Tummy Treats
    • Grain free, functional treats with added probiotics to support immune health in a flavor dogs love.

To learn more about these and other product launches with GanedenBC30, visit the Ganeden booth (#525) in Hall A at Expo West/Engredea or visit

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