Gencor Pacific Announces Trial Completion for TESTOFEN(TM) Ingredient

Gencor Pacific, Inc. has announced completion of an eight week, 60 patient double blind, randomized, placebo controlled human study on the company'sr proprietary ingredient TESTOFEN™ to evaluate its effect on muscle mass and Free Testosterone increase.

Participants on the active substance were on a dosage of 300 mg two times a day. The active group showed 98% increase in Free Testosterone levels. The increase in the active group was almost 100% compared to placebo.

In addition to an increase in free testosterone levels, subjects supplementing with TESTOFEN™ experienced significant reduction in skin fold thickness in the thigh and biceps regions without losing body weight, indicating a reduction of body fat and increase in muscle mass.

Subjects on TESTOFEN™ also demonstrated significant reductions in levels of Blood Urea Nitrogen [ BUN ] suggesting that TESTOFEN™ prevents Protein Catabolism. This parameter also confirms muscle mass build up.

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