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GNC hopes ‘experiential’ store will be a one-stop shop

GNC GNC-experiential-store-promo.png
Smoothies, dietitians and body analyses will be available alongside typical GNC offerings.

GNC Holdings Inc., a leading global health and wellness brand, on Tuesday announced the grand opening of its experiential store in South Hills Village Shopping Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The new store features unusual offerings to allow consumers to customize their wellness regimen.

“This experiential store represents the continuous innovation and consumer-focused mindset that is the foundation of GNC,” said Joe Gorman, executive vice president of operations at GNC. “We are focused on providing a personalized approach to wellness, and now GNC consumers have the opportunity to experience this firsthand and connect with us in a truly customized way.”

As a one-stop shop for all health and wellness needs, the store will offer services not usually found in retail locations:

  •     The GNC Smoothie Lab will sell delicious and healthy drinks, grab-and-go snacks and other prepared meals made with high-quality ingredients and top GNC products.
  •     Body composition analysis will be available at the InBody Body Composition Analyzer, where customers can to gain insights on their health and find the right solutions for their lifestyles.
  •     An in-house dietitian will be provide free consultations to help customers develop plans tailored to their specific health goals.

“This store gives us an opportunity to learn from our consumers and get a better understanding of their engagement with specific concepts,” said Ken Martindale, chairman and CEO of GNC. “We hope to leverage these insights to inform our retail strategy in other locations.” The store opened shortly before Thanksgiving.

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