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Growing Up Global - Introducing NPI Asia E-Newsletter

For over a decade, NPIcenter through its web site and its NPI Daily newsletter has provided news and happenings for the natural and nutritional products industry in North America. It's safe to say that the industry has changed dramatically over this time and part of this change is a direct result from information available electronically. There is greater and more timely access to information about our industry than ever before. This information leads to broader awareness and assists with decision making.

Information proliferation and the ease of communication worldwide has truly made our industry global. Everyone accepts this fact. Whether it is the materials we source or the information we read, it's likely that somewhere, somehow your organization is now involved with businesses throughout the world. Just take a few moments to think about it. Now think about the other opportunities a global marketplace presents.

Asia and North America represent two of the leading regions for the natural and nutritional products industry. The opportunity to share information and create a dialogue both within and between these regions is important for the industry's continued success. It is with this premise that has led to the creation of a new electronic newsletter from NPIcenter focused on Asia. This newsletter will be introduced as NPI Asia.

NPI Asia will provide information and breaking news focused on three objectives:

● To provide nutrition news about and to companies based in Asia.

● To assist with forming relationships benefiting Asian companies in finding new markets for their products regionally or in North

● To offer information helping North American companies to expand their presence or seek new business relationships.

NPI Asia is working with industry leaders throughout Asia in providing relevant content about regulatory guidelines, important scientific studies and market trends.

An area of emphasis for NPI Asia will be to utilize digital and social media platforms in developing business relationships. This service will be called NPI PartnerConnect and will provide a platform to connect companies in the natural and nutritional products industries seeking expanded market opportunities.

We're excited to hear from you. If you have news or editorial articles of interest to NPI Asia, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected]

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