Hain extends Dream beverage line with cashew, almond, hazelnut blends

Hain extends Dream beverage line with cashew, almond, hazelnut blends

Hain Celestial has added almond, cashew and hazelnut blended beverages to its Dream line of shelf-stable drinks.

Melville, NY (March 2012) – DREAM™, the leading brand of shelf stable non-dairy beverages, proudly introduces new DREAM Blends™ non-dairy beverages.  New DREAM Blends™ brand is the next generation of non-dairy beverages - a unique mix of wholesome ingredients for new non-dairy sensations. Why settle for one taste – when you can have a delicious blend of sensational flavors – a unique twist on traditional non-dairy beverages to enrich your life with dairy-free goodness.
The first to be introduced - new DREAM Blends™ Almond, Cashew and Hazelnut Drinks are a unique nutritious blend of three nuts - almonds, cashews and hazelnuts. A non-dairy delight that is all natural, a good source of fiber, low in fat, enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E and Vitamins A, B12, D and Calcium. Plus, its dairy free and lactose free with all the goodness of calcium, but without the fat and cholesterol.
Reach for the Dream™ - DREAM Blends™ Almond, Cashew and Hazelnut Drinks have a creamy, deep nutty taste that’s a dairy free dream come true. An indulgent non-dairy alternative for those living a lactose and dairy-free lifestyle, maintaining a gluten free diet, or for those who simply want to enjoy a delicious nutritious beverage alternative by the glass, in recipes, over cereal, or in a smoothie with your favorite fruits. They are sold in 32 fl oz aseptic cartons for maximum freshness and quality, plus easy storage.  SRP: $2.99.
Look for new DREAM Blends™ Almond, Cashew and Hazelnut Drinks in Original Enriched and Original Unsweetened Enriched varieties alongside our complete line of RICE DREAM®, SOY DREAM®, ALMOND DREAM®, and COCONUT DREAM™ non-dairy beverages in grocery and natural food stores beginning in February 2012.

The Hain Celestial Group, Inc.
The Hain Celestial Group (NASDAQ: HAIN), headquartered in Melville, NY, is a leading natural and organic products company in North America and Europe. Hain Celestial participates in many natural categories with well-known brands that include Celestial Seasonings®, Earth’s Best®, Terra®, Garden of Eatin’®, Sensible Portions®, Health Valley®, Arrowhead Mills®, MaraNatha®, SunSpire®, DeBoles®, Gluten Free Café™, Hain Pure Foods®, Hollywood®, Spectrum Naturals®, Spectrum Essentials®, Walnut Acres Organic®, Imagine®, Almond Dream®, Rice Dream®, Soy Dream®, WestSoy®, The Greek Gods®, Ethnic Gourmet®, Yves Veggie Cuisine®, Europe’s Best®, New Covent Garden Soup Co.®, Johnson’s Juice Co.®, Farmhouse Fare®, Linda McCartney®, Daily Bread™, Lima®, Danival®, GG UniqueFiber®, Grains Noirs®, Natumi®, JASON®, Zia® Natural Skincare, Avalon Organics®, Alba Botanica®, Queen Helene®, Earth’s Best TenderCare® and Martha Stewart Clean™.  Hain Celestial has been providing “A Healthy Way of Life™” since 1993.  For more information, visit www.hain-celestial.com .


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