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Respect for Elder
As more consumers reach for elderberry to fight the flu, the people behind the Vermont Elderberry Project are working to ensure there's enough of the plant to meet demand. A cocreation of Todd Hardie, owner of Honey Gardens Apiaries, and author-gardener Lewis Hill, the group is hoping to repopulate the state with the once widespread plant now threatened by overharvesting and development. The project cultivates elderberry plants, provides nursery stock and offers advice about growing and harvesting. Elderberry enjoys a long history of use but has grown popular for its documented ability to combat the flu. For more information call 800.416.2083.

Femme Fizz
A new trend is bubbling to the surface—female-specific effervescent vitamin blends. Athena Labs, of Portland, Ore., introduced Vitality, a sachet said to be formulated for women that contains a gram of vitamin C plus a full array of B vitamins including B6 and folic acid. In a market where effervescent vitamins fly off the shelves and nutrition-bar manufacturers create women-only lines, this may be the next logical step. Available in single-serving packets, Athena contains no sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Oh, and it's owned by a woman—naturopathic physician Michelle Hillis.

Green Poop
Chances are, your customers feel a twinge of guilt every time they pick up after pooch with a nonbiodegradable plastic bag. But help is here. Toronto and Beverly Hills, Calif.-based Oops ... I Pooped has developed biodegradable waste bags for dog owners who want to keep their community and environment clean. In addition to its smell, dog waste contains parasitic organisms easily transmitted to other dogs and humans, especially children, so cleaning up is important and is also the law in most places. The bags break down into carbon dioxide and water, which means an environmentally friendly answer to pet-poop disposal. They come in "see-no-poop" black and have a handle tie for easy carrying and odor containment.

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXIII/number 10/p. 62

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