Herbal remedies and beauty products popular in UK this Christmas

Herbal remedies and beauty products popular in UK this Christmas

Beauty products in the UK are now moving in the direction of inner nutrition, and many of these supplements and drinks are made with herbs and other plant extracts.

Herbs are in and so are herbal remedies and products. It’s not a hippy thing anymore but it’s more of a decisive choice made by thousands for their health and well-being.   

Herbs have been used forever. They have been part of our lives whether for food or for medicine. Although many see herbs as culinary condiments and no more, there are the hundreds of herbs that grow in the wild, each with its own unique properties and medicinal qualities. Even the herbs we use in our kitchen have medicinal properties for example Rosemary is wonderful for circulation while the fragrant Sage has been used for treating sprains, swelling, ulcers. So there you go, medicine in the food cupboard! 

Herbal remedies are used by many and there are trained and qualified herbalists who offer expertise and prescriptions of herbal blends. Herbs can come in either capsule form or tincture form. Herbal tinctures are to be used for therapeutic purposes and are made by macerating herbs in alcohol and water. It’s a lengthy process and can take several weeks during which time the active constituents of the plant or herb dissolve or is absorbed into the alcohol and water, this is then strained of plant material to produce the liquid tincture. 

Many wellbeing brands offer organic herbal blends for everyday health lifestyle concern. Most popular herbal health and beauty products include those for sleep, stress, energy, PMS and for skin health and detox. Other popular and well known herbs are Fennel and Pppermint which are excellent digestive aids and great as teas as well to boost healthy digestion. Horsetail is a herb known to help with hair strength as it contains silica, and experts say Milk Thistle and Dandelion are wonderful detoxing herbs that boost elimination and promote healthy function of the kidney and liver. 

Many health and beauty products online now include herbs as part of their ingredients and promote this as a unique selling point. There are organic herbs which are certified organic while wild crafted herbs that may not be certified organic but are herbs that have been sourced from their natural environment and habitat. You can grow every day herbs in your garden too. 

Many skin care and hair products now use the benefit of herbs. Calendula and Lavender are used widely in skin care while Rosemary and Bay are very popular for hair products as they help stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth. 

Beauty products in the UK and now moving in the direction of inner nutrition for beauty and beauty supplements or herbal beauty drinks and many of these are made with herbs and other plant extracts. Herbal extracts like Aloe Vera, Shikakai and Neem are also often used for skin soothing and anti bacterial benefits. Tea Tree oil is very popular for acne and skin prone to breakouts. So herbs are making their presence felt, perhaps more so in the niche market, but there is a big following and it looks set to grow. Next time you browse the web for herbal organic remedies you might be surprised to find more than a thing or two for the common cold and flu. 

About fushi.co.uk:

Founded in London, inspired by the world, Fushi is a leading ethical health and beauty brand that offers professionally formulated products for both internal and external use.

Accredited by the Ethical Shopping guide, the products are free from animal testing, animal ingredients, parabens, SLS and other chemicals and nasties. All of Fushi’s products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and many are certified organic by the soil association. The Fushi philosophy is ‘to be beautiful on the outside; you have to nurture your inside.’ Fushi believes in the holistic approach to beauty. It’s what you put inside of you that matters and a healthy lifestyle is essential in making your beauty and youthfulness last. Fushi offers herbal remedies for common everyday health problems, tasty herbal drinks, organic herbal tinctures, vitamins and food supplements, natural herbal hair care, natural body care, paraffin free candles and aromatherapy. Fushi advocates the holistic approach to health and beauty, and most of our herbal remedies are inspired by traditional age old wisdom on herbs and their benefits for health. All of Fushi formulations have been professionally formulated by expert herbalists and nutritionists and are made in England. The ingredients are sourced from sustainable sources and are organic when possible. We constantly strive to be as kind to the environment as possible by practising the 3 ‘R’ policy: recycle, re use and reduce.

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