Hoth Tapped as Sales Manager for Health Plus, Inc.

CHINO, CA – Sunil Kohli, Vice President for Health Plus, Inc., the company that pioneered the colon cleanse category, has announced the appointment of industry veteran Dean Hoth as Sales Manager.

Hoth is a seasoned sales and product management consultant for the natural and organic food markets, specializing in consumer packaged goods for the natural foods industry.

“Dean’s 17-plus years of entrepreneurial and corporate success have established him as an excellent industry resource and recognized authority in generating new business,” says Kohli. “He stood out among the candidates with his specialized business plan, which focuses on driving product sales by incorporating his strategic retail relations.”

“I have always been involved with companies that are, like me, committed to improving consumers’ lifestyles,” Hoth says. “Health Plus is such a company. Its ethics, manufacturing quality and product philosophy all are attributes I can fully support and with enthusiasm.”

Hoth’s varied positions in the natural products industry have given him a natural intuition when working with retailers. His experience includes Demo Coordinator, Territorial Representative, Regional Manager, National Accounts Manager and National Sales Manager, covering the natural foods industry as well as conventional mass market and food service industry. Hoth also worked as an associate team leader in the whole body department for Whole Foods Market.

About Health Plus, Inc.
Health Plus, Inc. was founded in 1981 with its then-groundbreaking supplement, Colon Cleanse, which pioneered the internal cleansing category. The core mission of Health Plus Inc. is to provide specific cleansing and detoxification supplements and teas that give a wide variety of consumers a solid foundation of re-invigorated health and well-being. Log onto

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