How Far Would You Go For Healthy Cake?

Culinologist Mark Crowell and Chef Sue McCown will create magic at ExpoWest.

You won’t be able to resist their rich and delicious creation in the form a GIANT CUPCAKE made with healthy ingredients from P.L. Thomas.

The cupcake is made with a rich berry botanical blend, natural VitaminK2 (MenaQ7™) and sweetened with natural, zero-calorie RebA97% stevia. This is the softest and most delicate of all butter cakes with Royal Honey, and best of all, it's good for you.

PLT's new blends are targeted for specific functional applications. The company is developing products that provide multiple attack points for a specific functional area. Berry Dark Blend™ provides multiple antioxidants with a high level of polyphenols combined with good flavor, color, proanthocyanidins and water solubility. This product is suitable for beverages, supplements, bakery, dairy and other nutritional products. Our MenaQ7™ natural vitamin K2 Heart Health product has strong clinical evidence supporting both heart health and bone health. An excellent combination to have all in one product. Stevia Reb A 97%, the recently self-affirmed GRAS sweetener, provides over 400 times the sweetness of sucrose allowing reduced calorie products with a natural product.

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