How to raise your voice for organic

How to raise your voice for organic

Disappointed with the Farm Bill? Register for OTA’s annual Policy Conference and Hill Visit Days.

While the nation avoided the fiscal cliff, last minute negotiations in Washington eliminated funding for several programs critical to organic. It will take a strong, unified industry effort to set the ship right.

The 2008 Farm Bill represented a major victory for organic resulting from years’ worth of work on behalf of the industry. Unfortunately, most of the gains made for organic in the historic 2008 Farm Bill were wiped out as funds supporting organic programs in the 2008 Farm Bill did not meet the threshold for inclusion in the Farm Bill extension. It will take hard work and a consolidated industry effort to win them back in annual appropriations and when the next five year farm bill takes shape in Congress this spring.

Register now for OTA’s 2013 Policy Conference & Hill Visit Days
Registration is now open for OTA’s annual Policy Conference and Hill Visit Days. OTA’s signature policymaking event kicks off with a full day of briefings from policy influencers. Industry members will then make their voices heard as they embark on pre-arranged visits with key Members of Congress.

This is your time to make a difference for organic. All aspects of the organic value chain are affected by the current funding eliminations. We have our work cut out for us, and your participation has never been more vital.


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