Integrated Biomolecule Corporation/IBC Labs (IBC) announces the formation of its Pharmaceutical Analysis Group

Tucson, Arizona, Integrated Biomolecule Corporation/IBC Labs (IBC), a full service analytical laboratory, announces the formation of its Pharmaceutical Analysis Group. This Group provides testing and related services for pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements in a cGMP environment and was formed in response to IBC’s increasing involvement in this area and the growing demand for these services.

While the bulk of this work involves pharmaceuticals, analytical testing under cGMP conditions is of growing importance in the supplement industry. Testing of supplements used in clinical trials under cGMP is required in many studies. In addition, an increasing number of supplement companies seek cGMP testing in anticipation of the enactment of GMPs for the supplement industry. Even if a particular analysis is not conducted under cGMP, the fact that it is performed in a GMP facility gives added assurance that the analysis is effected in a controlled environment with adequate documentation. For more information please contact Integrated Biomolecule Corporation, 2005 East Innovation Park Drive, Tucson, AZ 85755, telephone (520) 219-2900, fax (520) 219-6090, email [email protected], website

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