It's gut-check time

The gut-health market is valued in excess of $1 billion.The gut-health market is valued in excess of $1 billion. Primary ingredients include probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, fibre, ginger, psyllium and green foods.

These were once seen only in supplements in the US market, but Dannon blew the doors off the market with its $100 million first-year launch of Activia yoghurt. And that's only the start.

"We see enormous interest in probiotics, especially among food companies, as American consumers rapidly become more aware of probiotics and their benefits," says Bob Berman, senior marketing manager at DSM.

As obesity rates climb, the market for gastrointestinal supplements and OTC products will climb by at least 8 per cent per year, according to data from Nutrition Business Journal and Mintel. Probiotics sales in the mass channels rose to $712.6 million in 2007, representing a $493.4 million increase since 2004. For the same year, the US prebiotics market was worth $68.9 million. Growth is expected to be strong throughout the forecast period, leading to revenues of $198.3 million in 2014.

Along with mounting awareness of disorders ranging from lactose intolerance to anti-gas, IBS, Crohn's, colitis as well as general good digestive health, probiotics are sweeping into food markets.

"The consumer, in general, wants food products to supply more health-focused ingredients instead of taking supplements," says PL Thomas' Rodger Jonas. "The ability to have a probiotic that survives most process conditions is essential to the introduction of probiotics into a wide variety of products."

Because Americans still haven't gotten comfortable with talk about 'digestion' or 'bacteria,' manufacturers get by on soft wellness claims. But probiotics are not even half the story. Prebiotics from the likes of BENEO-Orafti and GTC Nutrition are hopping on the bandwagon to improve the efficacy of the probiotics formulations. And digestive enzymes, which once led the category, are still viable despite being more or less steamrolled by the probiotics juggernaut.

"In the gut-health market, probiotics are not competitors to enzymes," says Scott Daniel, marketing manager at National Enzyme. "One does not replace the other."

Botanicals are also fighting to stay in the fray. Peppermint, ginger, garlic and more are also routinely used.

"From our experience here at Ecuadorian Rainforest," says that company's vice president Steve Siegel, "it really all depends on the preference of the client whether or not they would like an ingredient such as ginger, enzyme or probiotics. The great majority of our clients lean toward herbs because of their completeness, effectiveness and general safety."

Primary consumers of gut-health supplements

  1. Patients struggling with serious diseases such as Crohn's or IBD, for whom medical solutions have failed;
  2. Patients with chronic IBS, GERD, upset stomach;
  3. Those seeking something beyond the quick-fix mentality of the OTC market and those interested in treating underlying causes rather than just symptoms.

QMatrix ActivAloe: A biologically active aloe vera ingredient produced with a patented process that results in a guaranteed polysaccharide level and molecular weight distribution. Clinically tested.
[email protected]
+1 512 327 0050
Austin, Texas, USA

Amano Enzyme USA
Lipase DS-K
Protease DS-K
[email protected]
+1 847 649 0101
Elgin, Illinois, USA

American Art & Technology
[email protected]
+1 949 721 6783
Newport Beach, California, USA

Fennel Essential Oil, GC / MS
[email protected]
+1 509 328 2510
Spokane, Washington, USA

Bartek Ingredients
Fumaric Acid
Malic Acid
[email protected]
+1 905 662 1127
Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada

Kollidon CL-F & Kollidon CL-SF: Two new tablet disintegrants particularly suited to the manufacture of very small tablets and tablets that dissolve in the mouth, thereby increasing the bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients.
Ludiflash: A new pharmaceutical excipient that improves the quality of rapidly disintegrating tablets with a creamy mouth feeling. Tablets disintegrate in the mouth immediately, even without water, thus allowing patients to take tablets more easily and discreetly for rapid relief of symptoms.
[email protected]
+1 800 443 0627
Florham Park, New Jersey, USA

Beneo Inulin
Beneo Oligofructose
[email protected]
+1 973 867 2140
Morris Plains, New Jersey, USA

Best Cooking Pulses
Green Split Pea Flour
Pea Fiber
Whole Yellow Pea Flour
[email protected]
+1 204 857 4451
Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada

Soynatto Fermented Soyfood
[email protected]
+1 201 812 8188
West Paterson, New Jersey, USA

VitaSugar: An isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO) mixture. Both a natural, reduced-calorie sweetener and a natural, soluble prebiotic dietary fibre. Diverse raw-material supply sources enable ingredient price stability for formulators and processors. Functional benefits include mouth feel, soluble fibre with 65 per cent base relative sweetness for digestive health, and weight management. GRAS food ingredient.
[email protected]
+1 780 466 1481
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Canfo Natural Products UK
Water Soluble Lutein
[email protected]
+44 1962 877799
Winchester, UK

Cargill Health & Nutrition
Oliggo-Fiber Inulin: Known as the 'invisible fibre.' Can incorporate into almost any food or beverage without affecting taste or texture. Research indicates that inulin may enhance dietary-calcium absorption, particularly among preteens and postmenopausal women. Recognized as a prebiotic ingredient that supports the natural, healthful bacteria in the lower GI tract.
[email protected]
+1 866 456 8872
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Chr. Hansen
[email protected]
+45 45 74 74 74
H?rsholm, Denmark

Decas Botanical Synergies
[email protected]
+1 508 866 8506
Carver, Massachusetts, USA

Draco Natural Products
Yumberry Extract, 20:1: Rich in cyanidin-3-glucoside, which studies have shown reduces appetite and positively improves hormones that govern fat metabolism. Also contains myricetin, which works similarly to resveratrol on the anti-ageing SIR2 gene.
[email protected]
+1 408 287 7871
San Jose, California, USA

Ganeden Biotech
GanedenBC30: A patented strain of probiotic bacteria. The hearty nature of GanedenBC30 allows for survival through the harsh manufacturing process, has a two-year shelf life and survives through the stomach to colonize in the intestines. GanedenBC30 is a kosher, self-affirmed GRAS probiotic ingredient.
[email protected]
+1 440 229 5200
Mayfield Heights, Ohio, USA

Glanbia Nutritionals
[email protected]
+1 608 329 2800
Monroe, Wisconsin, USA

Greek Island Spice
Greek Island Spice Curry Pastes
[email protected]
+1 954 761 1716
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

GTC Nutrition
NutraFlora Prebiotic Soluble Fiber
[email protected]
+1 303 951 6520
Golden, Colorado, USA

Gum Technology
Coyote Brand Konjac
[email protected]
+1 800 369 4867
Tucson, Arizona, USA

Han-Fortune Investment
Chondroitin Sulfate: 90-85%, with HPLC/CPC/USP grade. 10,000kgs production each month.
[email protected]
+1 778 998 2518
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I Can Eat It
Blue Persian Salt: Looks like a regular fleur de sel with blue crystals. Perfect to decorate and salt at the same time.
Gluten Free Madeleine: French madeleine free of gluten, dairy, nuts and soy. Individually wrapped. Tastes great.
Green Szechuan: New spice coming to US market. Lemony taste with strength of regular szechuan.
[email protected]
+1 323 232 1300
Los Angeles, California, USA

Improve USA
DaltonMax700: A unique aloe vera dehydrated 200x powder from the inner fillet of the aloe vera leaf. Retains all the natural components found in the fresh, unprocessed leaf. Rich in long-chain polysaccharides, considered the major carbohydrate fraction obtained from aloe vera gel. This fraction contains greater than 50 per cent polysaccharides with a molecular weight greater than 1 million dalton.
[email protected]
+1 972 230 9155
DeSoto, Texas, USA

Institut Rosell Lallemand
[email protected]
+1 514 381 5631
Montreal, Québec, Canada

International Fiber
[email protected]
+1 888 698 1936
North Tonawanda, New York, USA

FiberAid: A naturally occurring, water-soluble polysaccharide that has positive influence on gut microflora, delivering prebiotic benefits. Can increase the production of short-chain fatty acids that lower colon pH, creating an environment favouring development of beneficial bacteria. Reduces ammonia in the gut and provides gastrointestinal health without typical side effects, such as gas and bloating.
[email protected]
+1 800 365 8324
Basel, Switzerland

Marcor Development
Enzymes: Naturally sourced ingredients that aid efficient nutrient absorption.
[email protected]
+1 201 935 2111
Carlstadt, New Jersey, USA

Matsutani America
[email protected]
+1 630 250 8720
Itasca, Illinois, USA

National Enzyme
BioCore Kids: A digestive-enzyme supplement created to nurture your child's digestive health and optimize food nutrition.
BioCore Optimum Complete: A broad-spectrum enzyme blend offering all of the activity in BioCore Optimum plus alpha-galactosidase, lactase and acid-maltase.
[email protected]
+1 800 825 8545
Forsyth, Missouri, USA

National Starch Food Innovation
Hi-maize Natural Resistant Starch
Nutriose Soluble Fiber
+1 800 743 6343
Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA

Natunola Health
Omega-3 Flax Fiber
[email protected]
+1 613 774 9998
Nepean, Ontario, Canada

Nebraska Cultures
Dr. Shahani's B. Bifidum
Dr. Shahani's L. Acidophilus
Dr. Shahani's Pro-Flora
[email protected]
+1 925 935 0922
Walnut Creek, California, USA

Barley Grass Powders
Wheat Grass Powders
[email protected]
+1 888 541 4769
Greenacres, Florida, USA

Nutr-e Food Innovation
NuAmaranth Modified Starch: Non-allergenic modified starch.
[email protected]
+1 901 531 6999
Collierville, Tennessee, USA

[email protected]
+1 425 883 9518
Redmond, Washington, USA

Pizzey's Nutritionals
Pizzey's SmoothOmega
Pizzey's Whole Golden Flax Seed
Pizzey's Whole Golden Flax Seed
[email protected]
+1 204 773 2575
Angusville, Manitoba, Canada

RDM International
Dried Fruit Powders & Flakes
Fruit Products & Concentrates
[email protected]
+1 818 985 7654
North Hollywood, California, USA

Roquette America
Nutriose: Derived from non-GMO corn or wheat, Nutriose is a novel soluble fibre with excellent formulation and process characteristics. Sugar-free, offers excellent digestive tolerance, and is stable to acid and heat processing. Can be easily used in a wide variety of consumer applications for sugar and calorie reduction as well as fibre enrichment.
[email protected]
+1 800 553 7035
Lestrem, France

Oat Fiber
[email protected]
+1 416 255 0416
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Fibrim Soy Fiber
[email protected]
+1 800 325 7108
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Taiyo International
[email protected]
+1 763 398 3003
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Tate & Lyle
Promitor Fibres
[email protected]
+44 (0) 20 7626 6525
London, UK

UAS Laboratories
DDS-1 L. Acidophilus
[email protected]
+1 952 935 1707
Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA

Valensa International
Chia Max Omega-3 Low Fat Whole Grain: A 100 per cent natural omega-3, high-protein, high-fibre super food. Ideal ingredient in sports-nutrition bars and shakes, as well as baked goods. Pleasant, mild flavour that will not adversely affect a product's flavour profile. Highly stable and offers excellent shelf life and efficacy to consumers.
[email protected]
+1 352 357 2004
Eustis, Florida, USA

Virginia Dare
Vanilla, Fruit, Tea & Coffee Flavors
[email protected]
+1 718 788 1776
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Wilke Resources
[email protected]
+1 913 438 5544
Lenexa, Kansas, USA

William Ransom
[email protected]
+44 1462 477087
Hitchin, UK

Xsto Solutions
[email protected]
+1 973 975 4224
Morristown, New Jersey, USA

Condition Specific Guide: A complete resource to ingredients for health.

One of the top trends of the year is the move to market condition-specific nutritional products. An ageing consumer base is gravitating to the concept in an effort to stave off the range of degenerative diseases, and manufacturers are responding to this specialised nutrition paradigm. Suppliers play a key role in the value chain by developing and delivering functional ingredients that target these specific consumer concerns. The whole story — and exclusive Fi directory listing — provides manufacturers with a road map for the terrain ahead.

Anti-Ageing Immunity
Antioxidants/Wellness Joint health
Cardiovascular health Men's health
Cognitive health Sports
Diabetes Weight management
Digestive health Women's health
Other categories

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