JEDI survey: Help create a more equitable and inclusive food industry

justice equity diversity inclusion collaborative
As a member of the natural products industry, please take this short survey to advance the implementation of JEDI principles into our entire food and natural products ecosystem.

As members of the natural products industry, you are at the leading edge of transformative change and improving our food systems. As we all continue to drive the kind of systemic change that is necessary to ensure a vibrant regenerative economy, we all need to reflect on how issues related to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion can negatively impact our industry and individual well-being.
We call our efforts and commitments to change in this area our JEDI mission; however, in order to fully understand the scale of the challenge, we must continue to build on benchmarks established in 2019 so that we can track our attempts to improve. We need your help. New Hope Network wants to set industry-wide, standardized key benchmarks that we can all use to understand where we are and where we need to go.    
Please take this short survey, a effort being conducted in partnership with the JEDI Collaborative, a project of One Step Closer. Through our industry collaboration, we aim to advance the implementation of JEDI principles into our entire food and natural products ecosystem. Learn more at   
Inclusion of more diverse individuals (including folks who come from systemically marginalized communities) within your leadership, management and workforce teams not only leads to more creativity and innovation within your business, but also helps businesses connect to consumers, communities and capital that would otherwise be left on the table.    
It is vital that we have accurate information about the current state of the industry in order to adequately monitor future initiatives to see what is working and what is not. This survey is intended to guide you through making a standardized assessment of the demographic make-up of your leadership team. We understand that your HR department might not collect all the data we are asking about, or you might not have hard and fast figures easily accessible, but as someone close to the structure of your leadership team, we would love to hear your best guess.    
All data collected will remain anonymous and only reported out in aggregate. If you have any questions about the survey, or the JEDI mission, please contact Cynthia Billops at
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