Kemin Introduces AMPLIVITA™ and Expands Manufacturing Facility

Kemin Industries announces the introduction of AMPLIVITATM, a unique antimicrobial system designed to keep Indian ethnic sweets fresh for a longer period of time without impacting their original taste profile.

“Recipes for Indian ethnic sweets are passed down through generations and manufacturers take pride in delivering them fresh and wholesome to consumers,” says Alex Fink, marketing director of Kemin Food Ingredients. “AMPLIVITA extends the freshness period of sweets, giving the opportunity to rationalize multiple kitchens, manage inventory efficiently, reduce product waste, exploit export opportunities and manage the surging demand of sweets during festival season.”

In addition to developing the AMPLIVITA product, Kemin has expanded with the installation of a new plant in its manufacturing facility located in Gummidippondi. The addition of this new plant will provide customers with the highest degree of customer support and will allow Kemin to cater to the growing demand in the ethnic sweets industry.

Kemin – Inspired Molecular Solutions™

Founded in 1961, the Kemin group of companies ( provide health and nutritional solutions to the agrifoods, food ingredients, pet food, human health and pharmaceutical industries. Kemin operates in more than 60 countries with manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and the United States.

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