Kenko International, Inc. Announces Management Promotions of Ron Udell and Steve Holtby

Mr. Satomi Tsuchibe, President and CEO of Kenko Corporation and Chairman Kenko International, Inc. and Soft Gel Technologies, Inc, proudly announces the promotions of Ron Udell to President and CEO of Kenko International, Inc. and Steve Holtby to President of Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. Mr. Tsuchibe is the owner and major shareholder of the Kenko Group of companies.

In a statement to the organization, Mr. Tsuchibe, asserts, “I am very pleased to announce that we have appointed Mr. Ronald Udell to the post of President & CEO.” Tsuchibe continues, “We have decided to enlarge our operation in the marketing of raw materials for nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and food chemical ingredients in the United States.” Mr. Udell will be spearheading this effort to expand the market and market presence for OptiPure® Brand/ Kenko International, Inc.

Moving to the position of President of Soft Gel Technologies, Inc., Steve Holtby will now lead the soft gel manufacturing organization. Mr. Holtby was promoted from the position of the National Sales Director for Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. and Vice President of Sales of OptiPure.

About Optipure® Brands, Kenko International, Inc.
OptiPure® Brand/ Kenko International, Inc. is a leading industry supplier of standardized herbal extracts and specialty nutratceuticals ingredients. OptiPure® provides cutting edge branded ingredients supported by research, patents and evidence of efficacy. We source ingredients from five continents and the oceans. For additional information, please refer to or contact us at (800) 934-3040.

About Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.
Soft Gel Technologies Inc.® provides specialty soft gelatin encapsulation capabilities exclusively to the nutrition industry. The portfolio of unique patented ingredients, proprietary production technologies, global sourcing and ability to provide a full range of product development and marketing services allow us to provide a distinct advantage to our business partners. For additional information, please refer to or contact us at (800) 360-7484.

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