KGK Synergize Inc. Announces the Appointment of Mr. Stephen R. Allen to its Board of Directors

LONDON, ON, April 27, 2006 - KGK Synergize Inc. (KGK) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Stephen Allen, Vice President, New Ventures, with Nestlé, to KGK’s Board of Directors. Mr. Allen has an undergraduate degree in Science from the University of Leeds as well as a graduate degree in Nutrition from the University of London. He has spent the past 25 years in a wide variety of operational and executive positions within the food & nutrition industry; and has worked in Europe, Africa and the Far East as well as in North America. Mr. Allen is also a director of CalAg Partners, a recently established private equity firm based in California.

Ms. Najla Guthrie, co-founder and CEO of KGK stated the following: “We are pleased to welcome Steve as an independent and active member of our Board of Directors. His vast experience will provide tremendous benefit to KGK and its stakeholders as the company advances its new, science-based nutraceutical products into the quickly expanding nutritional healthcare market.”

About KGK Synergize Inc.:
Headquartered in London, Canada, KGK is primarily an evidence-based nutraceutical product development firm; and also maintains an autonomous and fast-growing contract research business concentrated on nutraceuticals..

KGK’s core areas of nutraceutical product development expertise are focused on providing preventative and/or treatment solutions for Cardiovascular Health (including cholesterol management) Type II Diabetes, Skin-Care & Anti-Aging as well as some forms of Cancer utilizing scientifically proven nutraceutical product technologies. To date, KGK has received 3 US and international patents with more than 20 patent applications pending.

The company’s first product to be commercialized is Sytrinol, a patented and clinically proven cholesterol-lowering nutraceutical formulation, currently under exclusive license to a US based marketing and distribution firm as a dietary supplement.

Now emerging from KGK’s product pipeline are 3 more patent-pending nutraceutical product technologies. The first, Diabetinol, is a very promising preventative for Type II Diabetes (patent pending) that is currently undergoing initial human clinical trials and indicating very positive preliminary results. The second is Dermytol™, a low cost Skin Care and Anti-Aging technology, developed for both oral and topical applications, that has already been shown to significantly inhibit the proliferation of human melanoma (skin cancer) cells in animals. In addition to its potential medical uses, the low cost of the raw materials for this product may position it for entry into the huge global cosmeceutical markets for Anti-Aging and Sun Care applications. The third emerging technology is a suite of natural formulations that have been shown in animal and limited human studies to have a significant negative impact on the development of Colon Cancer, Prostate Cancer and a certain types of Skin Cancer.

KGK’s fully autonomous contract research services business provides pre-clinical protocols and full clinical testing regimes on all forms of nutraceutical technologies to many repeat clients in the human dietary supplements and functional food and beverage market segments as well as to supplements and food clients serving pet and veterinary market segments. Being independent and non-academic it can provide its services on a completely confidential basis to its clients.

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For further information, contact:

Najla Guthrie Kristen Reynolds
519-438-9374 519-438-9374
[email protected] [email protected]

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