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Latin American summit debates food and cosmetics convergence

 Latin American summit debates food and cosmetics convergence
Growing use of food ingredients in cosmetic formulations to be explored during the Latin American edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit. 

The growing convergence of foods and cosmetics in the beauty industry will be featured in the Latin American edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit taking place in São Paulo Sept. 28-30. The agenda comprises 4 seminar sessions and a technical workshop.

With many cosmetic and ingredient firms looking to the food industry for inspiration, the summit will discuss major developments in this area. The growing use of food ingredients in cosmetic formulations will be explored, as well as the use of such materials as the starting point for cosmetic ingredients. The potential of nutri-cosmetics in Latin America, superfoods for beauty, novel food actives, and skin nutrition will also be covered.

Although food ingredients are making their way into cosmetic & personal care applications, the move brings formulation challenges. Judi Beerling, Technical Research Manager at Organic Monitor, will discuss solutions to these formulation obstacles in a dedicated workshop. By the use of case studies, she will show how brands can create stable and aesthetic formulations using food-grade materials.

Other papers will discuss the risks associated with using food ingredients. The economic and environmental impact of ingredient adulteration and mislabelling will be outlined. Approaches to mitigate such risks and introducing traceability in ingredient supply chains will be discussed by a major certification agency.

The green formulations session will cover sustainability issues associated with agricultural / food materials. Dr. Anita Pissolito will give an update on Brazilian biodiversity regulations and their implications to cosmetic and ingredient firms. The US cooperative Natural Plant Products will state the difficulties in measuring the environmental footprint of vegetable oils. Other papers will discuss sustainable processing methods, sustainable palm oil, and novel actives from agricultural feedstock.

Another session highlights marketing best-practices. Virginie Milosevic, General Manager of Caudalie Brazil, will share the company’s experiences in bringing vine-based cosmetics to the Latin American market. With many food ingredients used in Ayurveda cosmetics, Vyedas looks at the healing properties of such materials. Fairtrade international will discuss the growing array of certified food ingredients available to cosmetic formulators.

The summit will also give an update on sustainability developments. With some parts of Brazil suffering from water shortages, the advent of water smart cosmetics will be discussed. How are such products reducing the water footprint at consumer level? Another paper will look at approaches to reduce water usage in the production of cosmetics & personal care products. The leading Brazilian cosmetic companies Grupo Boticario and Natura Brasil will also give insights into their new sustainability endeavors.


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