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Organic Valley Magic Bus Defends Menu Diversity
Dear Editor:
The Natural Foods Merchandiser is to be commended for its level of commitment to educating readers about the organic standards. Its ongoing series on the standards has been superb.

Your recent letter to the editor ( "Magic Bus Tour Misses Mark," July 2002 NFM) regarding information about Organic Valley that was included in your May installment of the series ( "NOP Spotlight to Shine on Organic Industry," May 2002) requires a correction and update. Much has changed since we provided the reporter with information for the story late last winter.

Organic Valley is launching the "Great Organic Grill-In," a national promotion, in support of the diverse, nationally distributed line of organic meats that carries the trusted name of Organic Valley Family of Farms. Timed to coincide with the launch of the organic standards in October, the promotion will provide consumers with delicious samples of organic cheeseburgers grilled on-site at retail outlets throughout the country. Giving Americans the chance to taste the organic version of one of their favorite foods will go a long way toward helping families understand how easy it can be to incorporate organics into their lives.

Through our work over the years with the Organic Trade Association and its 1,200 members, it has become clear to us that one of the most inspiring aspects of our industry is its diversity. Today, consumers can find an organic alternative in virtually every product category, from clothing to furniture to food. Further, within each category there is now a wide range of options that can appeal to almost any taste. It speaks well of our industry that we stand for an agricultural system that is producing this abundance of choice—dairy, meat, produce and more. The new organic standards will undoubtedly continue to increase this level of choice. We must also remember that the beauty of this diversity is its sustainability. Animals are a critical component of organic agriculture.

As for the Organic Valley Magic Bus, we're pleased to report the success of its mission: to support the Rolling Thunder Downhome Democracy Tour by providing free grilled cheese sandwiches to communities all over the country. Together with Jim Hightower, Ben & Jerry's, Patagonia, Working Assets, Utne Reader, Mother Jones and all of the other tour sponsors, Organic Valley is honored to be able to help further a spirit of democratic choice during this period of challenge and change for America.

Theresa Marquez
Vice President, Sales & Marketing,
Organic Valley Family of Farms
LaFarge, Wis.
Member, Board of Directors,
Organic Trade Association

Salmon Stats Sound Alarm
Dear Editor,
Thanks so much for Thomas May's article on farm-raised salmon ("Farmed Salmon Found Higher in Pollutants," July 2002 NFM). My mother told me years ago that "Atlantic" salmon swim in polluted water, get heavy doses of antibiotics and don't yield the same quantity or quality omegas. She stopped eating salmon in restaurants unless she could be assured by the chef that it was wild.

Your article gave me some stats and real info I can use in my next staff memo and in the next store newsletter.

—Debra Stark Owner, Debra's Natural Gourmet Concord, Mass

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXIII/number 9/p. 12

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