LifeSeasons Launches Two Heart Health Supplements

Consumers concerned with maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels can now turn to LifeSeasons' new Hyper-T and Choles-T. These two products pack a one-two punch into their heart health regimen.* Best-in-class natural ingredients known to support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels have been carefully combined to formulate two new products in LifeSeasons' supplement line for healthy aging.* Whether taken alone or together, Hyper-T and Choles-T address the body's interrelated nutritional needs for a healthy heart.*

Hyper-T contains a medley of traditional ayurvedic herbs, including Sensoril(r) ashwagandha, an Indian herb best known for its rejuvenating and restorative properties that have been used to moderate the effects of stress-induced fatigue, exhaustion and insomnia.* Hyper-T also contains arjuna, which is an herb that has been widely used to soothe cardiac stressors. Hawthorn berry, which has been used traditionally to support blood vessels and help protect arterial walls from damage caused by plaque build-up is also included in the formulation.*

The ingredients in Choles-T provide a three-pronged approach for supporting cholesterol levels within a normal range including promoting liver health, healthy cholesterol levels and healthy triglyceride levels.* Choles-T combines the following natural ingredients that provide healthy cholesterol support:*

* Red yeast rice, inhibits the action of certain cholesterol-generating enzymes;*

* Cholesstrinol HP(TM), which works to inhibit enzymes in the liver;*

* Guggulipids, support the number of LDL receptors in the liver;*

* Phytosterol and beta sitosterol, plant sterols that have been researched for their ability to help manage cholesterol and LDL levels by moderating absorption;* and

* Co Q10, a coenzyme antioxidant compound.*

"The enemies of a healthy heart work silently over time, so people are often unaware if blood pressure and cholesterol levels are elevated until the symptoms start to seriously impact overall health," explained LifeSeasons co-founder and CEO, Darrin Peterson. "We are pleased to bring Hyper-T and Choles-T to market, as there is a growing need—especially among the 'baby boomer' population—for people to provide their bodies with daily nutritional support to help maintain heart health throughout the aging process."*

Retailers currently carrying Hyper-T and Choles-T include Sunflower Farmers Markets, Central Markets, Clark's Nutrition, Fresh Vitamins and independent health food stores nationwide.

About LifeSeasons(TM):

LifeSeasons develops, markets and sells dietary supplements designed to support the body's changing nutritional needs. LifeSeasons was created from a desire to simplify dietary supplementation and make it easier for people to respond quickly and confidently as their bodies change with age. The company combines best-in-class, well-researched ingredients into targeted formulations that support each individual's potential to enjoy optimum health and manage a lifetime of changing health needs. For more information visit or call 1(877) 455-2826.

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