LycoRed: Good in Bloom 2015

At LycoRed, we celebrated Earth Day our own way by giving fresh-cut surprises to friends, family and even unsuspecting strangers. Watch our earth-friendly bike messenger peddle around Los Angeles delivering free marigolds and handwritten notes in honor of all things green, great, and growing.

We partnered with a small group of local art enthusiasts to add a splash of color to the community. With the help of muralist Sterling Brown, we unveiled “Harvesting Your Health” on Earth Day in addition to sponsoring our local food pantry's produce selection. See more!

Turns out the secret to successful supplements is no secret at all. Dr. Mark Menolascino, Meno Clinic Center for Advanced Medicine founder, and Golan Raz, LycoRed’s vice president of Health & Nutrition, teamed up to talk about how transparency is the future of natural products. Read more!

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