LycoRed lines up kids nutrition

Israel-based ingredients supplier LycoRed has inked a deal to supply leading Israeli infant formula maker, Materna Laboratories, with a customised blend of vitamins in a deal that signals its intention to conduct more activity in the area of infant nutrition.

Many industry pundits have pointed to infant nutrition as a major area of growth for food and ingredients companies, especially with the increasing occurrence of childhood obesity and diabetes. LycoRed are clearly of this view with marketing director Udi Alroy citing infant formula as "a strategic growth engine".

Lycored emphasised the development work that had gone into ensuring the product, called Materna Big, delivered nutritionally without impacting taste. "To meet the challenge we had to satisfy both the mothers' demand for a nutritious, healthy product, and the kids' demand for great taste," said LycoRed marketing director, Udi Alroy."We succeeded by first selecting the highest quality vitamins necessary for kids' development and then masking the unpleasant vitamin/mineral taste."

Materna Labs hope the product will tap an older infant market than the under-3 market they traditionally operate in. Materna Big, which has 23 vitamins and minerals, as well as probiotics and fibre comes in chocolate, strawberry and banana flavours and can be drunk alone or added to breakfast cereal.

"The LycoRed vitamin formulation, with its improved solubility and extended shelf life, made it possible for Materna Labs to come to market with the type of advanced formula powdered milk drink we were after," stated Orly Regev, marketing director at Materna Labs. "Materna Labs mission is to create nutritious, great tasting products that help parents ensure that their kids will get all the nutrients they need."

Alroy added: "Materna wanted to create a reduced-sugar, fat-free product that would appeal to both kids and their mothers. While we know that adults are often willing to sacrifice on taste and colour for the sake of good nutrition, kids, on the other hand, are uncompromising when it comes to the taste and overall look of the foods they will eat."

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