Medical journalist and best-selling author Robert E. Kowalski remembered

America’s health and medical communities are saddened by the loss of international best-selling author Robert E. Kowalski, who died suddenly on November 9 at age 65 of a pulmonary aneurysm.

The ever-upbeat Kowalski was a medical journalist for more than three decades. After his second bypass surgery at age 41, he set out to develop a heart-health program. In 1987, he shared that program and its dramatic results in a book, The 8-Week Cholesterol Cure, which put oat bran into the American diet and became an international and New York Times bestseller. Kowalski, also published The Diet-Heart Newsletter. His ninth book, Take The Pressure Off Your Heart: 8 Weeks to Lower Blood Pressure Without Prescription Drugs, went into publication earlier this year.

“Bob will long be remembered for his enormous contributions to practical, heart-healthy living. He had a passion for medical science and a gift for making that science understandable and useful to the average person,” said Dr. Joe Keenan, Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Minnesota.

Kowalski's commitment to heart health began when he realized that heart disease could prevent him from seeing his two children grow up. Through his books he shared his life-saving programs and knowledge with everyone. He also wrote award-winning television public service announcements, patient-education materials used in hospitals and medical centers across the country, and authored many articles published in a wide variety of publications aimed at both the public and the health professions.

Kowalski, who lived in Southern California, is survived by his wife, as well as his grown son and daughter.

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