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Mediterranean Delights Announces Addition Of AKiNS/Chamberlin Account

Saxtons River, Vermont – Mediterranean Delights, a manufacturer of All Natural and Certified Organic food, is pleased to announce the addition of the AKiN’s/Chamberlin stores as a new account. Mediterranean Delights’ Certified Organic Hummus will be available to AKiN’s/Chamberlin customers in Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas. Six organic flavors will be available: Original, Roasted Garlic, Tomato Basil, Asian Spice, Avocado & Lime and Roasted Red Pepper.

AKiN’s/Chamberlin , headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a multi-state company of all natural and organic food stores. AKiN’s president, Eric Hinkefent says “We stand behind the products we sell because we know they are nutritionally superior, the purest, and the healthiest available anywhere. We deal only with reputable manufacturers and suppliers whose integrity has been proven.”

Mediterranean Delights, located in the Green Mountain state of Vermont, is one of the first readily available Certified Organic Hummus manufacturers in the retail market. “Mediterranean Delights is committed to producing healthy products for all consumers, while maintaining a sustainable balance with the environment, using the freshest and purest organic ingredients,” states Vice President Nicole Day. “Our products are safety sealed with highly approved tamper resistant packaging, to maintain the highest standards which insure quality and consistency,” adds Day.

Hummus is a traditional Middle Eastern dip commonly served with wedges of warm pita bread and vegetables or is used as a spread on sandwiches or wraps. Hummus is quite versatile – it can also be used as a healthy dairy-free bagel topping, as a vegan pasta sauce, as an entrée ingredient, or as an alternative to butter or mayonnaise in any favorite recipe. A dairy-free and low-carb alternative!

ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS made by Mediterranean Delights include an extensive line of vegetarian/vegan whole-grain, soy, rice & pasta prepared Salads; Ready-to-Cook Falafel; Baba Ganouj; and a Mediterranean Fruit Spread – FRUMMUS (frum-us-to-you). Mediterranean Delights’ products are safety sealed with highly approved tamper resistant packaging, to maintain the highest standards which insure quality and consistency.

For more information about Mediterranean Delights’ products, please call our Sales Department at 800/347-5850 or email us at [email protected].

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