MegaFood Announces Resignation of Director of Education

Today, MegaFood Premium Whole Food Supplements announced the resignation of Nancy Angelini, who was recently named as MegaFood’s Director of Education.

Carl Jackson, President of MegaFood stated, “Ms. Angelini resigned for personal reasons. MegaFood agreed that she needed to attend to those matters.”

Jackson continued, “At MegaFood, Our Name is Our Promise. This is more than a tagline. It extends into everything we do, from the way we produce our products, to the employees we hire and the way we conduct our business.” He added, “Since 1973 we have consistently delivered the highest quality nutrients to best support vibrant health and well-being of our customers. Our dedication to excellence has made us one of the leading whole food brands in the dietary supplement category. Rest assured that we will continue to provide the highest quality products and services that you have come to know and trust.”

MegaFood is actively searching for a new Director of Education. Suitable applicants should email their resumes to [email protected].

About MegaFood

MegaFood has been a pioneer and purveyor of premium whole food supplements since 1973. At the heart of MegaFood lies a deep appreciation and respect for the intelligence of nature. MegaFood produces 100% whole food supplements that incorporates the wisdom of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Herbal medicine combined with the most current and sound nutritional science.

The MegaFood mission is simple: To deliver nutrients the way nature intended – in a food state; giving the full benefit of living whole foods to best support vibrant health and well-being. To learn more about MegaFood visit our website at

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