Murphy Named as LycoRed’s new Director of the Premix Business

LycoRed has announced the appointment of Bill Murphy as LycoRed’s new Director of the Premix Business Unit that was established in June in order to serve the U.S. and Canada. Murphy brings with him over 30 years experience in the food and nutrition industries. “Bill will lead the way in developing the U.S. premix unit, an expansion of LycoRed's premix operations already providing products and services to customers around the globe”, says Leo Cullen, President of LycoRed Corp.

Most recently Murphy was General Manager of the Nutritional Division of B.I. Nutraceuticals and prior to that he was V.P. Sales at Watson Foods where he spent over 13 years.

“LycoRed will answer the growing demand for high-value products coupled with committed technical support, attention to global regulatory issues and dedicated customer service. LycoRed’s highly qualified and experienced staff focuses on advanced fortification solutions. Our goal is to make good foods better through fortification.” say Cullen.

Jessica Calhoun, BS. MS. joins LycoRed Corp. as Manager, Technical Services. Calhoun, formerly a product development scientist for Watson, Inc., formulated nutritional premixes for a variety of applications. Previous to working at Watson, Calhoun worked in Cargill’s Animal Nutrition Division and at Moss Nutrition, as a biotechnical specialist in clinical nutrition.

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