National Enzyme Company Names New Director

Forsyth, MO—National Enzyme Company announces the promotion of Ken Paydon to Director of Laboratory Services. Mr. Paydon has been employed by National Enzyme for the past thirteen years and has grown into his current position through his experience and knowledge of the industry. Starting out as a Quality Control Associate in 1997 he quickly became Quality Control Supervisor later that same year and then went on to hold the title as Laboratory Manager for the last ten years. Mr. Paydon is a valuable asset to National Enzyme and the community.

Not only does Mr. Paydon take pride in his work at NEC, he also takes his knowledge of chemistry into the classroom. He enjoys teaching the local youth the value of chemistry, while performing experiments that catch their attention and share valuable lessons.

“I have been told that he knows a lot about blowing things up. In fact he has quite a reputation among much of the local youth population. He has been seen wearing balloon hats, twisting the heads ONTO animals, smiling a lot and in general making himself a valuable asset not only to NEC but to the community at large. It is because of this continuing positive, self-motivated eff ort that I am honored to announce his promotion,” said Charles Amidon, Chief Operating Offi cer, National Enzyme Company.

One goal that Mr. Amidon and Mr. Paydon both share is the desire to see NEC house an ISO Certifi ed laboratory. Both consider this certifi cation attainable and are currently working vigorously to see it become a reality. Th is certifi cation would be added to NEC’s numerous industry certifi cations including: NSF, TGA and Star-K Kosher.

“I am very grateful and excited for this new opportunity. National Enzyme Company has a well-earned reputation of using quality and science to lead the enzyme-based DS industry, and I am fortunate to have been a part of this tradition. Moving forward, I see great opportunities for NEC, and I look forward to serving in this new capacity,” stated Mr. Paydon.

Since 1932, National Enzyme Company has been the leader in nutritional enzyme technology. From research and development to marketing support, NEC provides manufacturers and distributors worldwide with comprehensive dietary supplement services.

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