Natural Care Products Introduces New Appointments

Orem, UT — June 19, 2006 — Natural Care Products, Inc. today announced Travis Anderson now has direct responsibility for national sales. Travis has had years of experience working in the nutritional industry. He is committed to the building of a dynamic sales team.

Natural Care would also like to introduce Candace Jacobson, the newly appointed Director of Product Development & Marketing. Candace has a seasoned background serving some of our industry's largest corporations. Candace will be working closely with Travis and his team in developing marketing and advertising support materials to assist in promoting NaturalCare, and its products and services.

These two additions are part of NaturalCare’s ongoing commitment to providing their valued customer the critical support needed to promote NaturalCare Products in the marketplace.

Natural Care also announces the departure of Scott Johnson and extends best wishes for success in his new endeavors.

Success at Expo West!
NaturalCare Products came back from Natural Products Expo West a few months ago having their best show ever! The excitement and enthusiasm from their customers confirmed that they are providing life enhancing products that customers want, need, and most important, that work.

Travis and Candace can be reached at:

Travis Anderson Candace Jacobson

801-225-2152 x106 801-225-2152 x112

[email protected] [email protected]

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