Natural chat: What certification labels top your list?

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More and more consumers are choosing products that are responsibly made and various certification labels are helping them do so. We featured six labels on the rise, but readers have already pointed out some other important ones we didn't include. Can you think of others? 

Sterling Rice Group's top 10 dining trends for 2014 and the mission-based fundraising strategy adopted by the Brooklyn chocolatier Madecasse are also generating lots of traffic on the website this week. What do you think will be the hottest foods next year? Let us know! 

1. 6 certification labels on the rise

November 2, 2013 · · In a perfect world, you could examine the average ROI for each label. Exactly how much will sales increase with the addition of a package label? We don't have those answers. However, markedly more consumers are choosing products that are responsibly made. These six certification labels help feed demand for conscious manufacturing and sourcing.
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2. Cutting-edge dining trends in 2014

November 4, 2013 · · The year 2014 will put more "high-impact, low calorie options on our plates," according to this new infographic from Sterling Rice Group, a consulting company in Boulder, Colo. The company surveyed celebrity chefs, product developers, restaurant consultants and grocery store shoppers to compile a forecast of next year's hottest food trends.
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3. How Madécasse monetized its mission | Managing Your Business content from New Hope 360

November 1, 2013 · · Recently, Madécasse Chocolate, a Brooklyn-based purveyor of chocolate and vanilla confectionaries successfully raised capital through CircleUp, which enabled the chocolatier to extend its brand into new product offerings and strengthen sales and supply chain infrastructure. Madécasse demonstrates that a focused strategy and commitment to sustainability can be a recipe for success in the consumer goods industry.
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